OFFICER RESIGNS: Perry Man ‘Beaten In Jail’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Perry man says he was beaten while imprisoned at a central Iowa jail.

"I had a broken knuckle here, from where he twisted my hand.  I had my elbow pulled out of the socket."  Those are just some of the injuries Clinton Richard says he sustained at the hands of a Perry police officer.

Police officers arrested Clinton Richard for public intoxication on Christmas Eve.

He says he's still in pain from the beating he endured at the hands of one of the officers on duty that night.

Richard admits he'd been bar hopping that day. He's been charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct numerous times and when we talked with him last night he'd been drinking.

But he says drunk or not, he didn't deserve the treatment he received while in jail Christmas Eve.

"The whole place was covered in blood, the whole the booking room, everything covered in blood - my blood," Richard recounts.

Richard says Officer Rick Kuhn beat him injuring his hand, arm and foot.

Richard acknowledges he doesn't remember all of the beating, but the Division of Criminal Investigation says a video tape is one piece of evidence it used in its investigation.

That investigation wrapped up and the case is now in the hands of the Dallas County attorney who will decide whether criminal charges should be filed.

Kuhn resigned unexpectedly on January 31st.

When we asked him if he beat up Clinton Richard, Kuhn replied, "no, no, absolutely not."

In addition to looking at the video tape of the alleged incident, the DCI says it also interviewed witnesses.

The Perry police chief says he can't comment, because this is a personnel issue and it's still under investigation.


  • The Rural Iowegian

    You forgot the part that Richard is no stranger to law enforcement. According to Iowa Courts Online, he has been the defendant in 44 cases. You also say that there is a video tape in the hands of DCI, but you failed to mention what DCI’s findings are. He admits he was drunk and cannot remember the whole incident. Did you bother to ask if he was combative or not? Did you bother to ask what started the whole ordeal? Did it start by him fighting with police on the street? Did it start by him doing something once he got into the jail? Do you consider this impartial reporting? Do reporters have a responsibility to get all the facts before reporting to avoid wrongfully tainting public opinion? Between this and the sloppy job you did on another police story, I am seeing a trend here. Does station management have an agenda, or is it just one or two of your “reporters”?

    • Justice

      First of all, your post makes you sound like a relative to this cop. Second, everybody is following the abuse of cops in this state recently. I have no idea what happened. And oh by the way, we are not called Iowegians in this state. We are Iowans. Where are you from?

      • The Rural Iowegian

        first of all – I don’t make decisions based on partial info and no, I am not related in any way, shape or form to this officer or any other. Second – allegations that are not proven in a court of law are nothing more than allegations. Works for all, not just the arrested. Third – Funny thing about America and Iowa, we can refer to ourselves in any way we want. Just because the masses refer to themselves as Iowans, does not mean it applies to all. I have been from Iowa for 60 years. Fourth – You go by the moniker of “Justice” but by the way you speak you should go by “Lynch Mob” as for justice to be served a person is entitled to their day in court and not partial information.

    • Sally

      I don’t care if he was drunk and combative doesn’t give the RIGHT to beat anyone remember they call us civilians like they are better than the public

    • William Denison

      Cops DO beat people. And whats wrong with smoking cannabis. If the man who was drunk was high instead he would of never seen any cops that night.He would of ate some x-mas cookies and called it the night.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Just par for the course that these cops beat him up. Cops all over the country are now using excessive physical force and tasers and firearms when it’s not warranted because the cops get angry that someone doesn’t “follow’ their orders so they ‘teach them a lesson’.

  • Judy Arellano

    there’s a lot of rouge officers this is no surprise to anybody not police department or the Dallas County Attorney’s Office weather not anything will be done if it is that will be the surprise

  • Sheila

    Well, I don’t know about Rural Iowagian..
    But I am a relative . The officer in question is my brother.
    Have u watched this video on this website?
    They had to close caption the “victims” words because he was so drunk
    When the news interviewed him.
    Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,
    People have nothing better to do then jump to conclusions ,
    Everyone has an opinion. But it’s not up to u to judge .
    Were u there? No, you weren’t …… So none of you have any idea what happened , and quite frankly it’s none of your business .

    • Jason

      I don’t know if you know this, but former officer Kuhn had a reputation in Perry Iowa. He was a dick. He stole teenagers long boards from them on multiple occasions for simply coasting on the sidewalk(long boards are 150$ at the cheapest so it’s a big deal). He had a reputation in Perry for harassing people. According to every person I’ve talked to who has dealt with him, he is a grade A bully, and he abuses his power as an officer. I’m sorry Sheila, but your brother is a jerk. Even without this incident he should have been fired.

      • Linda

        Sally, not sure where you are getting your information, clearly you don’t know all of the facts that you think you do. Yes, Rick Kuhn does have a sister named Sheila.

    • Melanie Kies

      Regardless of the fact that most of the people here are jumping to conclusions on both sides of this, it actually IS our business to know about the conduct of our police officers when they are on duty. My pops was a cop, a deputy sheriff and a police chief in rural parts of Iowa and Nebraska when I was a kid in the 70s. I saw both sides first hand and I can tell you he would agree that we have to know what’s going on not only with our officers but we have to have confidence in how their superiors handle things as well.

  • Molly McButter

    To the Rural Iowegian, your a real piece of work. Why would you defend this guy? Even if he was combative or agressive police are trained to deal with this using minimal force. This officer was most likely on the job to be a bully and this is surely not the first time this happened. Also i see you wont post your name…. wonder how many times you show up on Iowa Courts Online, by the way im on there twice in case your wondering, both traffic.

    • Mark Cooper

      I defend the system that says until all the facts are present and a person has their day in court, they are considered innocent. People who make up their mind on only what has been provided by the media, are not looking for the truth or justice. My personal name does not show up on Iowa courts online or any other state’s courts online even once. If your name is really “Molly McButter” it does not show on that database and therefore it would be reasonable to presume that Molly McButter is not your real name either.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        Funny thing, I have never met a cop who believes the people they arrest are innocent until the courts say they are guilty. And I hear a lot of cops claim people are guilty even after being acquitted. I can even point to cops who make up evidence to show people are guilty when they aren’t.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      His name is Mark G Cooper, retired military, blogger and self published e-book author according to the site he sells his book on. So he’s not a coward per se, deserves thanks for his service, and just needs to work on his intolerance for others who don’t see the world through the same eyes as he, pretty much what we are all guilty of to some extent of course.

      • Mark Cooper

        Also Troy if you look at the chronology of posts, I posted my reply to WHO TV and was personally attacked by others first. So I would suggest that when others attack you and thereby show a lack of tolerance for your position is it not human nature to respond in kind?

      • Troy Hendrickson

        The only people who seem to “attack me” are trolls hiding behind silly nicknames Mark. And I give them all the respect a troll deserves, which is none. One can’t actually disrespect an imaginary character.

      • Mark Cooper

        I always have a Nikon Coolpix in my vehicle for photos of opportunity and then have a Canon for higher end photographs.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        I had a Nikon P90 for my last point and shoot, all Canon now, 7D and my prized selection of L glass. Haven’t been in your neck of the woods much, what are some areas I should make a point of hitting?

  • tristan

    Rick used to be a good fair police officer! Not sure what happened to him because he became more angry, he is very unfair and he just wants to look good! I think it was time that he found a new line of work! helping the public was just not in his best interest! it doesnt matter if this person was drunk or being a jerk, u cant beat someone up or use strong force, but i do know it would be hard not to want to kick the %$#$ out of them!

  • Sheila

    Why shouldn’t anyone defend my brother?
    When everyone else is defending a drunk that
    Can’t even stay sober for a news interview. Birds of
    A feather flock together. PWT defends PWT,
    I understand you have to stick with your own kind and yet
    I don’t judge you for that . It’s not your place to judge .

  • Lisa Anderson

    Our family just went through a horrific tragedy. Not one tv station or any of the newspaper articles got it right! You can’t trust the media for correct information so I think it best not to pass judgement on something we truly know nothing about.

  • Sheila

    Thank you Lisa, knowing that the whole story is not being
    Told , I myself have watched the news and thought the
    Worst of people for the story being told , never again will I ever
    Think or feel that way after hearing a news story .
    And I would definately never comment on something I knew nothing about.

  • Jason

    Does anybody else find it odd that the same departments that produce these scumbags are the one’s doing the investigations? Where’s the justice in that?

  • tiff

    no doubt in my mind he beat this man up. he became a cop because he was bullied in school and wanted to legally bully and punish everyone he came across. he is known to beat on people…even kids. good for you for standing up for yourself clinton! YOU helped get a bad man off the street.

  • Jacey Spoo

    I been arrested and seen people get arrested by this officer and he has never done pysical harm to me but has to other and idc if they guy had 100 charges give no one the right to touch another person. I am not sayimg officer did it or not but i am just saying you cant throw guys past in the mix cuz thats no argument there

  • Sheila

    What are you talking about. ?
    Beating on children? You are something .
    You people have nothing better to do with your time then make up lies?

  • Missy Wilson

    I hate to tell you this Shelie but your brother is not a good man.
    Several years ago he was sleeping with a 16 year old child.!She
    was my friend. He would follow young girls around flirting acting
    inappropriate. Maybe he masked what he was to
    his family. I’m telling you he was snake in every
    sense of the word. He was not a good cop and should of been
    stopped a long long time ago.

  • Sheila

    Bahahahaha Missy,
    That’s funny!!
    Keep telling your lies .
    Shows what kind of people you truly are.
    And what does what you said have to do with this story at all?

    • Kristy

      Just remember, people do lie to their families and loved ones, when they don’t want them to know the truth. I don’t know if he is, or isn’t, but he wouldn’t be the first if he is.

  • Kristy

    Not joining the arguments; however, drunk for the news interview ?? Are you kidding me ?? And, good for Ch 13 for mentioning that…I give them credit for an honest moment.

  • chris

    it is the business of anyone who pays taxes. police officers are paid by us and work for the people. not the other way around.

  • adam

    I know of three other people that have been injured by him. One of them is still waiting to have surgery. Rick does not have a good reputation in Perry. He made a good decision to leave.

  • Sheila

    U people are delusional, really Sally? Pretty sure Rick Kuhn has
    A sister named Sheila….DUH!!!!!

    Just goes to show how little people really know about this
    Situation . Maybe u should research a little more before making a comment like that .

    And NO…. It isn’t the tax payers buisness. It’s a personal matter,
    You pay taxes no matter who is on the force .
    People can defend the drunk all they want.
    We know the truth and that’s all that really matters.

  • Sheila

    I doubt that? If he is so horrible then why is the first anyone is hearing about?
    All u Perry skanks that hate him I am sure are upstanding citizens that have never been in trouble with the law.
    People are way too judgemental , and really need to stay out of it, including the media.

    • bob

      Sheila, there are countries in the world where the public and the media do stay out of the police’s business

      maybe you and your brother might be happier in one of them

  • L

    Innocent until proven guilty. IF found guilty, he gets to go to the barred hotel. Perry cops used to be alright but that was 30 yrs ago. Today, I dunno anymore. It has all changed.

  • Sheila

    I’m a tax payer also , and paying for all you title 19 people that don’t work.
    And I don’t complain about that. And I’m in healthcare and see a lot of u.
    Some people actually work for a living , not live off the state cuz their too lazy to get a job. Just sayin. If u want to talk about tax payers.

  • Sandy

    Back in the 60’s my father was a police officer in this very department. He was also known as a “dick” as some of you refer to Rick. But, he was doing his job. Back then you could walk the streets at night without fear of personal harm. Back then you could leave your doors unlocked all night without fear. Times have changed, and so have the attitudes of the people our officers are put on the job to protect us from. Therefore, so have the attitudes of our officers. We’re not dealing with the local falling down drunks that locked themselves into the jail cell at night to sober up before going home to the misses (aka mayberry) We’re dealing with cold blooded criminals who come to our town, steal, rape our young and break into our homes, people who beat their wifes and children for the “fun of it”. Our officers have had to become more “hardened” to the attitudes thrown at them from these people. Our department is and has been in need of more officers for quite some time, and, that’s a fact. Possibly to the point of exhaustion.
    Having said all that, I’m not saying what Rick did or didn’t do was right. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I do believe, however that Chanel 13 rushed to get this out without getting the entire story, as I understand it’s still under investigation. Was Mr Richard combative himself? (face it, all drunks are not funny drunks) Is this what led to the incident? Come on people…let the Law do their jobs let the judges and jury decide who’s right or wrong in this instance.

  • Linda

    Wow….is all I can say! Not all of the facts have been released. I do know for a fact that there were no injuries to this man other than the ones he did to himself. The truth will come out in due time and all of you judgmental people will look rediculous. Many, if not all of the negative comments I have read on this feed are filled with half truths or complete lies.

  • Sheila

    Bahahaha, really Jeff? U sound like another Jeff I know.
    He too is an idiot and knows nothing about anything,
    I support my brother (and yes “Sally”) Rick Kuhn is my brother.

    Where’s the hospital record ?
    Who had to clean all the blood up that this gentleman says there was? That has to be documented some where?
    Show the proof, then you can pass judgement .

    Now if you will excuse me, I have it get to work at my “real” Job so you people can collect a welfare check.

    It’s been real .
    It’s about the facts people , and u have none of them

  • u know me

    rick kuhn has been a problem for years I have lived in perry all my life and if you bring up rick Kuhn someone has a story to tell he harassed all the time there was storys of him trading tickets for sex at the cemertary and doing drugs in the police car He used to wate for my girlfriend to go home and pull here over to try to get information from her This guy is a joke it is about time something is done about this guy Rick has causesd a lot of people to spend a lot of money to prove they are not guilty
    rick has a sister sheila and a brothere rob sheila has been trying to defend her brother which is making here look verry stupid on here In the town of perry things get covered up to keep officer on duty and i thing this was the last time for rick Rick is a harassing officer from perry iowa and should not be wearing a badge of any sort the people of perry should sleep better knowing this guy is not wearing a bagde i dont care if he beat a guy up or not what he has done in the past caught up with him and his time has come to face a judge and hopefuly the juge will charge him for what he did Rick has a part time bussiness as painting houeses which will most likely become full time he is should not be trusted at all becarefull perry people stay safe

  • Bob

    For someone who says we shouldn’t pass judgement on this “outstanding” police officer, you sure like to judge unemployed and sick people. Secondly if this guy has an alcohol problem he needs treatment instead of being beaten.

  • Bob

    Shelia you don’t help your brothers cause by being a ignorant judgemental person. Makes me wonder how your brothers attitude towards people is. I guess your the only one in the Perry area with a job! Thanks for working and paying for all of us inferior people. We couldn’t put food on our table with out you!

    • carlos



    Sheila a little advice, your not doing your brother one bit of justice by running your arrogant mouth so i would just shut up and stop calling everybody white trash etc. Your brother is a monster and he needs to be removed from any police related jobs in iowa, calling everybody names just further shows what kind of people you are. Just my two cents!

  • carlos


  • Sheila

    If u knew anything about this situation , then u can judge
    I know plenty about welfare and title 19,
    There are many people who need it,
    But way more people that don’t and abuse the system
    You have title 19, but u have ur nails done ? And how’s your iPhone working for you ? Those are the people I am speaking of.

    Thank u to everyone who supports him and believes in him,
    And even thank you to the people who are undecided and just want a fair turnout

    To those who don’t , when the truth finally comes out, you will see, until then, judge away if that makes you happy

  • Poppin fresh

    Shelia why do you keep talking about the welfare cases? What does it have to do with your brother beating a handcuffed drunk?

  • Sheila

    Oh sweetie , I don’t live in Perry.
    I am supporting my brother , and I wouldn’t have to be so vocal about it if people would just not comment until they have more then half the truth .

    It is truely entertaining the people who judge by only hearing 1 side .
    I am the first to admit that I have done that myself (I would never comment on it though like u people have ).
    I will never judge someone again with strictly just the information I get from the media.

    There are “bad” cops out there, BUT…. This is not 1 of those situations .
    You are not a judge or jury, and all I am saying is that you have no right to pass judgement on THIS situation . U can think anything u want , but to actually post things that you know nothing about.

    That is what I am trying to say.

  • pimpn aint easy

    If Kuhn wasn’t guilty or felt he had nothing to hide then why did he resign? Everyone here knows he’s not a nice person.

  • Jeff

    You definitely don’t know who I am but your comment about me sounding like another Jeff(because everyone with the name Jeff is the same) proves your ignorance. You are on here complaining because people are judging your brother but you are the forums judging everyone. You are naïve..(my judgment of you) Just because he is your brother does not make him a good guy.

  • Mark Cooper

    Poppin Fresh – you claim that you worked with Kuhn. When? Where? You say that the suspect was handcuffed at the time of the alleged incident. Where do you get that info? It’s not being reported that way in the media. Are you passing false information to sensationalize this? You are making allegations but not willing to identify yourself?

  • bob


    In all seriousness, I know nothing of your brother, or the Perry Police Dept – or the person making the accusation.

    No reasonable person would judge your family for putting out a statement to the effect of ‘We are confident that when all the facts come to light, my brother will be cleared of the accusations, but beyond that we cannot comment further as this is a pending legal matter’

    But when you point fingers all over the place, at several different classes of people, using words like ‘skanks’, PWT and lazy, it’s not hard to imaging that he was raised in a houseshold as a kid with attitudes that might justify getting a little heavy with the badge.

    If you’re going to go the route of trying to influence the public, you might give a little more thought to the impression you are making. But, you are free to do whatever you like

  • carlos


  • Kelli

    Rick Kuhn has used excessive force andI have never heard one good thing about the dude. All I know is this has been a long time coming- even if he isn’t guilty this time- I know plenty of times he has been guilty and has gotten away with it. Regardless- glad he’s gone :)

  • Sheila

    You are totally right Bob,
    But when people are giving their 2 cents about a situation they know nothing about and saying harsh things about your family . A person tends to retaliate before they think .
    I really hope none of u ever have to go thru anything like this. And by this I mean being reported in the news with not all of the truth .
    I wasn’t there , I do not know exactly what happened , but neither were any of u. All I can do is support my brother and my family and any of u would do the same thing .

    So I am a big enough person to admit that a few of the things I have said were out of line . But no one else knows what they would do in this situation until they have gone thru it .

    I will let the justice system do its job, it’s up to them , not up to the Perry community and certainty not up to any of you.

  • kelli

    Wasnt there this time but was when my fiance was tazed after being handcuffed…all for telling rick to get out of his face. Rick will probably get paway with all since our.court system is.just as scandalous as he is.

  • Jeff 2

    With not all of the truth? What facts aren’t true in this story? Was he not accused of it? Is there not a video being used in an investigation? Did he not resign? Making an educated decision, he was probably offered the ability to resign his position. This way he’d still be able to get benefits he would of lost from a termination. Usually why politicians do it when they are involved in a scandal. The investigation has already concluded. If it went in Ricks favor he wouldn’t of resigned. They are waiting for the DA to decide if they are going to file charges.

    • Linda

      Jeff 2…… Nothing in that story is a FACT with the exception of Officer Kuhn stating that he was not able to make a comment and that he did say he did not ” beat up” Mr. Richard.

      • Jeff 2

        So he didn’t resign? They didn’t use a video in an investigation? Clinton Richard wasn’t charged with public intoxication? Do you know what a fact is? Sounds like the only thing your claiming is a fact is what you want to believe.

      • Jeff 2

        Actually it was the Perry Police Chief who said he couldn’t comment…… Rick Kuhn said he didn’t do it. Can’t even get your own “facts” straight.

  • Jeff 2

    Its hard to feel sympathetic for you when you’re on here insulting lesser fortunate people, then telling them they have no right to judge you or your family. How people react in these situations shows their true character.

  • Sheila

    Another fact in the story is that it happened in Perry, yea that’s about all the facts that was in the story .
    I would like to clarify . I said nothing bad about less fortunate people or poor people. A lot of people truely need and deserve the help.
    But if u are getting assistance if u need it, then u shouldn’t be getting it nails done or having an iPhone . That is truly what I meant by that.

    That’s all I have to say, I don’t judge because u are poor, I do on the other hand maybe judge if u ask for help and then spend ur money on other things .

    We know the facts , and that is all that truly matters .

    • Mary

      So since I get assistance I don’t deserve to have nice things? Sorry my health problems keep me from working. You sound like a very ignorant woman. Someday karma will find you too!

    • Adam

      Sheila you were not judged at all until you started to run your mouth. Now I think you are probably just like your brother. I hope that this does not play any part in the trial.

  • Jeff 2

    I’m really confused the only facts are that in Perry officer Kuhn said he didn’t do it? Nobody was arrested drunk on Christmas eve? An investigation didn’t happen and Rick Kuhn still works at Perry Police department?

  • Corey

    An isolated incident would not have led to his resignation. This isn’t the first and it would not have been the last time Kuhn let the “power” of that badge go to his head. He is getting what he deserves. Karma really is biting him in the butt for the way he has treated people his whole life. It is a matter of when, not if charges will be filed. Maybe a little public humiliation will force him to evaluate the kind of man he is

  • Becky

    I looked up this article because a friend commented on the situation on Facebook. I can assure you he is not PWT or a skank or anything other than a hard working individual. He described the officer in question as angry, with a bad reputation and a poor attitude. It seems a lot of other Perry residents feel the same way. Are we to believe Sheila, that every single one of them is a PWT ‘skank’? Perhaps, since you don’t live there you haven’t gotten the whole story either. A lot of people commenting who have no reason to lie about what happened in the past. Certainly, the same cannot be said for the situation at hand. One things for certain someone is lying…and all the comments and what’s happened since the incident point in only one direction. A clue, if your brother is being accused of being arrogant at the least and someone who abused his power at the worst, coming in with a nasty attitude like yours, will do nothing but make it seem all that more plausible.

  • peaceful neighbor

    Amen to that Corey. My husband and I can go out of our house now with no worries of Kuhn calling another officer or having his ride on partner ticket us at 10.00 at night for having our camper parked on our property ( agreed upon by police Chief ) or trying to site us because 1 tire was on the curb while parked on the street, or coming out of his house to look down the street to see who was at our house and filing a false report of an illegal deer at our house–driving slowly in front of our house giving us the evil eye–or parking in back of my daughters house just watching–I can go on and on, we have had to live this way for the past 2 years, just one harrasment after another!!! So yes I am glad that he reaped what he sowed!! And I for one would love to be on that jury, or just be in court to see that he does get his just—–It’s going to be a wonderful summer !

  • Jeff 2

    I would just claim that everything is false except what my brother said. Glad he’s off the streets. He’s been abusing his power for years! I hope its enough to find him guilty. Must be if he resigned his position.

  • bailbondsmanmichigan

    I don’t have first hand experience of what happened, but at any rate, if a police officer is beating up another man/woman, it definitely needs to be investigated and dealt with in the proper way.

    If any of us are brought up on charges of assault, we would be handcuffed and taken to jail. Possibly we would have to get a bail bondsman to get us out of jail so we could continue to live our lives. It should be the same for police officers (who work for the coporate state) who have this type of charge brought up on them.

  • u know me

    rick would set out side the bars in perry and wate for you to leave then bust you a block away this man deserves what he gets i hope he takes his new truck and 5th wheel camper and heads out of perry then we will have a hell of a party at the bar when he leaves his boss dan has covered up a lot of bad things rick has done in the past I hope the news keeps this story going to show and tell everyone what rick kuhn has done while being a police officer of perry

  • donald

    THE man has built a bad reputation for him self as a Perry police officer. If what happened is true, and I am not saying it didn’t take place. Dollars to dimes nothing will happen to the PIG COP. just look at BRIAN GILLBERT. HE broke the law too and got away with it. The old saying ( we take care of our own ) I have said having a badge is nothing more than being a MAFI person. Don’t forget he is looked as one of your local HEROS .

  • krys

    I am a perry resident and have been for years. Im not gunna come on here and bash someone because i can but i will state a few facts about mr. Rick…. He started stalking my best friend and e-mailing her all the time, even sat outside her job one night and sent a message saying “i see you” (i saw this message and all the messages he sent her. He sat down the street from her house, tried to convince her that her husband was a “piece of shit” and she should leave him. She cried and cried and even told her husband but they both agreed that if she turned it in, nothing would be done and that he would just get back at her for turning him in. My father is a retired vet, a wonder and caring man, and known as a good man in perry….rick treated my dad like complete crap and when my dad went to the pd to talk to dan b. ( police chief at the time), dan’s reply to my dads concern was, “im sorry, i stand behind my officers”. Dad told me that he knew right there it was pointless to continue the conversation. Another time my sister in law got pulled over 4 blocks from her house for her window tint and she didnt have insurance…she had her new born baby and was gunna make her walk in the rain and tow the car. I rushed there of course when she called me and i asked rick if i could get on my phone real fast and add her to my insurance so she could drive her car home. I told him it would take the most of 5 minutes. He told me no, this will teach her to drive without insurance. I couldnt believe it. She had to pay the towing fee, her car had to sit in pound till she could get enough money and had to pay $100 for every day it sat there. $30 is all it would have been to quickly add her to my insurance but instead she had to pay almost $1000 dollars because one cop thought he would teach a young, single mom, who was on unpaid maternity leave a lesson. These arent lies, these are expierences and i have alot more. Shiela, i can understand u wanting to defend your brother but we “perry people” have lived his mental and verbal abuse, his harrasement, etc. Its sad that we know it wont do us any good to turn him in when we know he is doing something wrong. And if this “drunk” was so out of control, rick could have called for back up and safely restrained him till backup arrived. And i know for a fact that one of his own turned him in because they knew what he was doinqg wasnt right. Whatever the outcome is, i hope that rick finds a new profession. Some people get burnt out in there line of work and he just didnt know when to walk away i guess. I dont wish anything negative on him and i forgive for what i know hes done. I hope he gets help and i wish nothing but the best for him and his family.

  • Rick Kuhn Sucks

    Bottom line Sheila – Your brother Rick is an abusive scumbag. He was a dirty cop who did MANY illegal things. They finally caught up with him and he was FORCED TO RESIGN. Thank GOD for that!!! I hope they find him guilty and throw him in prison for being a dirty cop and abusing his authority.
    But even if they don’t:
    1. At least he is no longer a police officer and likely never will be again
    2. His reputation (and that of his family) is ruined in perpetuity.

    I understand your desire to stick up for a family member, BUT in this case (the case of Rick Kuhn, not the beating case), you should cut bait and walk away. Your brother is a scumbag (which is not your fault), but just admit it and move on.

  • Jenni

    Name 1 cop anywhere with a “good” reputation.
    People who are often in trouble with the law are the ones who “hate” and bash cops .
    Try dealing with criminals all the time , you would be a dick too.

  • Aradia

    I’ve known Sheila since I was in Junior High in Perry, and I went through something similar with the media when my father was killed a few years ago. Facts are always misrepresented by the media, and news stories always have their ‘opinion’ while reporting their ‘facts’. Several of my close friends are cops and it’s been my experience the only people who have problems with cops in general or even a certain cop are the ones who have had problems with the law.
    Speaking from experience with the media, who wouldn’t lash out when things are misrepresented and people judge from incorrect stories? I know I did, because people believed incorrect facts that were published.
    I can tell you that my friends who are cops, I would trust them with my life. And I’ve been out with them and had people harass us that my cop friends have had to arrest, and call them dicks. Again, in my experience it has always been the ones in trouble with the law having the issues. If you’re not breaking the law, you shouldn’t have an issue.
    I completely support Sheila and her family and know the truth will come out.

    • Jon

      Ive never been trouble with the law and I was harassed and belittled by this poor excuse for a cop. My father in law is a cop. He doesn’t get harassed any where he goes because he was respectful to the people he dealt with. This man needed to be exposed, half of Perry knows that he abused his privileges. Maybe your hanging out with the wrong group of police officers. If he was innocent why did he resign? If he’s half the ignorant, bigot his sister is maybe he shouldn’t be law enforcement any ways.

  • Aradia

    Let me rephrase…
    I have been out with my cop friends and have had people they have arrested in the past harass us and call my cop friends ‘dicks’.

  • Jenni

    Wow, sounds like “Perry people” are very judgmental .

    This poor girl is trying to defend her brother.
    I do know for a fact that the media only gives the half truth .
    I’ve been in that situation .

    And as far as her being a bigot or judgemental…
    She is pretty spot on about the people that “take advantage”
    Of the system . Yes people who NEED the help deserve nice things too.
    Let me ask … How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day ?

    She’s defending her brother , someone needs to defend her.

    • Jack R

      Speaking of brothers……wasn’t his younger brother caught for being a peeping tom, looking into young girl’s windows at night? I heard he got busted in a trench coat naked.

    • Mary

      I’ve never smoked in my life. Your hatred for poor sick people sounds an awful lot like Sheila’s. Accusing sick people of taking advantage of the system. Talking like your above us. God will judge you too one day Shelia and I don’t think he’s gonna like what he sees.

  • Sheila

    If I was going to use an alias I would have done it from the beginning ,
    Duh!!!! I have nothing to hide.
    Just done giving you people the time of day to respond after every ridiculous comment .
    For every hater my brother has , he has twice as many supporters. For every ridiculous made up story someone has, there is twice as many heart warming stories. That is what I focus on.
    But thank you for thinking I care what you think . Over it. Way more important things in life then to be a hater . Get a life and focus on that .

  • Jack R

    THen share one of those “Heart warming stories” you wold be doing way better for him than getting on here and calling everyone with an opinion PWT and other wonderful judgemental terms…!

  • Rick Kuhn Sucks

    Sheila, I guess he didn’t have enough supporters to keep his job after this last transgression of his.

    Just curious, but why do you think all the negative reports people are posting about your brother are “made up stories” by “haters” ? Is everything a conspiracy theory to you? You think people are just “out to get” Rick Kuhn for no reason. He is really a perfect, honest, upstanding cop, but people have nothing better to do than come on here and just make up lies about him? Please, are you really serious?

    Be intellectually honest here ok? Face the facts. Where there is smoke there is fire. He didn’t just quit his career for no reason because of “haters”, ok? It was quit or be prosecuted (and maybe still will be prosecuted).

    Deal with it.


    Peace out.

  • Bone

    I do not know one single person that supports Rick Kuhn. I am not even from Perry originally. Been here for only 15 years, however, from day 1, i have heard nothing but bad things about the man. I have had the pleasure of meeting him jsut once, when he stalked me so he could catch me breaking a law. That law was my third brake light was out. Such a rebel i am, driving around with a third brake light out. He was less than pleasant do deal with. The man has anger issues, i guess thats why he is taking anger management classses. How many stories of misconduct does one have to hear before a shred of doubt enters their mind? I have heard numerous people talk about his escpades with underage teen girls in the cemetary. This is not an issolated incident. Its officers like him that cause people to dislike , distrust and fear the cops.I just hope this puts an end to his reign of terror in Perry. Now that he has no badge to hide behind, how safe is it for him to venture out in public? Not a threat, just pondering the fact that soo many people hate him.

    • Jack R

      Na, I don’t think anyone wants to hurt him or anything….if he simply changes his attitude I am sure that the good in most ppl would give him another chance as a person. Afterall, we all make mistakes and do things we wish we hadn’t done. People can change….but they have to want to change. Hopefully he learns from this experience and changes his ways.

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