SENATE VOTE: Replacement Juvenile Home Bill Passes

iowa juvenile home toledo

The Iowa Senate passed a bill that would build a replacement for the now closed Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, Thursday.

“This is a basic, essential, police function of state government to take people who have committed crimes judicated juvenile delinquents,” Sen. Michael Gronstal said.

The Toledo home was shut down by the Branstad administration in January after reports of teenage girls being kept in isolation for long periods of time.

The new facility would work as a replacement for the girls removed from the Toledo home.

The measure is backed by democrats but republicans aren’t sold on it.

“We shouldn’t get the cart ahead of the horse and talk about a future state run facility. Let’s focus our time and attention and make sure the children are being place in quality environments where they can be cared for and protected,” Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix said.

Law makers say they will have to wait until the state budget is passed to know how much they can spend on the facility.

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  • William Denison

    Wow what a scam. Are the same abusers going to be working at the new building? I bet so. Why have no charges been brought against the people involved in the abuse in the first place? Who were they? What were there jobs? What other things went on at the home besides the torture?Why is no one talking about the crimes but are more worried about a new building?

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