TOWER TRAINING: New Heights For DM Firefighters

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It can be especially challenging for firefighters to respond to calls in harsh weather conditions but that doesn’t stop them from putting in the work to help keep the community safe.

Twenty Des Moines fire fighters climbed a 60 foot cell phone tower as a part of a three day tower rescue training in Carlisle Thursday morning.

The department has never trained for or responded to a tower rescue in the past. Nationwide, three people have died as a result of tower repairs. One of them was a firefighter during a rescue attempt.

Firefighters say tower rescues don’t happen often but an increase in cell towers could mean injuries in the people who repair them.

Lt. Bob Suarez says, “It’s our responsibility to the public that we serve that we have the skill sets necessary to for as many types of situations as we could possibly come across.”

The department’s technical rescue team also specializes in trench and confined space rescues.