FREEZING PUNISHMENT: 2nd Graders ‘Sent Outside’

An elementary school in southern Iowa is investigating an incident that occurred during Thursday lunch time.

Several Centerville parents are upset because they say their children were sent outside without coats, as a form of punishment.

The superintendent says an adult watching second graders over the lunch hour sent them outside to do a lap around the playground because they kids were supposedly being too noisy.

The temperature around that time was about ten degrees, with the windchill below zero.

It’s school policy to keep kids inside for recess if they temperatures are below ten degrees.

Centerville Superintendent Anthony Ryan says the district is looking into the incident.

“The Principal at this point is involved and we can assure parents the health and well-being of the kids is our number one priority and at no point do we want to jeopardize the health and safety of kids,” says Superintendent Ryan.

Ryan says he is addressing all phone calls and emails from concerned parents.

He wouldn’t say what punishment the adult would face, if any, but did say after their investigation appropriate action will be taken.


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