BIBLES BUMPED: Hotel Takes Book Out Of Rooms

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The guest rooms at the Iowa State University Memorial Union Hotel are now bible free.

Last month, university officials made the decision to remove the bibles from guest rooms and move them into the hotel's library for guests to check out and read.

The controversial decision began after the Freedom from Religion Foundation requested the school remove the bibles from the rooms.  The foundation argued because Iowa State University is a state-run school, the bibles were a violation of the separation of church and state.

Officials took the bibles out of the night stands on Saturday. Anyone staying at the hotel that would like a bible to read can always check one out from the Memorial Union Hotel’s library.


  • Robert Allen

    As a member of both the FFRF (Freedom FROM Religion Foundation) and the ACLU (American CIVIL Liberties Union) the decision of Removing the Bibles from this Public Tax-payer supported institution – Is the Correct interpretation And Application of the Establishment Clause of Our First Amendment – found within Our Constitution – of THE Leading Democracy of the Free World (or so the Propaganda tells us) !!!!!

    Faithlessly yours,

    Bob Allen

    • sad for Robert Allen

      maybe if you prayed once in a while, you could find the peace to express yourself without using all caps and multiple exclamation points

      removing free Bibles from hotel rooms is your big ‘achievement’? such a joyless person

      • Robert Allen

        Indeed Troy – Both you and I – Have the courage to use Our Real names in these postings. Me – cuz I’m proud to Be an America (in a country Rich in Propaganda) – and I’m proud to Be an Atheist (one Without Theism of Any kind) – and I’m proud to be an Eagle Scout – and I’m proud to Stand Up For Our Constitution !!!

    • Robert Allen

      Oh mY, oh my – Coffee Pot – a poster who lacks the Guts – to use Your Real Name !!!!!

      Not only am I a Proud American – Proud to be living IN the US of A – The Leading Democracy of the Free World (or so the Propaganda tells Us) – but my younger brother and I Are Eagle Scouts and Brotherhood Members of the Order of the Arrow !!!!!!

      Maybe you don’t know it, Coffee Pot – that only a small percentage of boys in Scouting – Ever Achieve the rank of Eagle !!! And, in families that have Two sons in Scouting – it is Even Rarer – for Both sons to reach the rank of Eagle !!!! Additionally, Coffee Pot – the Order of the Arrow Is an organization – where one’s peers in Scouting – elect members to Join the Order of the Arrow !!!! And, Coffee Pot – Brotherhood Membership in the Order of the Arrow – Is Only achieved, again, through election by one’s peers !!!!

      Coffee Pot – a Living example of someone Who Has gone to Pot, so to speak – Where You ever in Scouting ????? What rank did You reach ??? If you Where in Scouting – Did you ever realize that One of the Best things about Scouting – other than Camp-craft, First-Aid, Doing a Good Turn Daily – was that Scouting offered Many opportunities for Relatively Unsupervised Play ?????

      I totally agree with William Denison’s comment – about Bible-Thumpers Leaving their Illusions of being a Cult Member aside – and Just Acting Like Human Beings !!!!! Your Christian Witness, Coffee Pot – Where you Show Everyone Your Interpretation of What Being Christ-LIKE – Shines, ever So Brightly – that I, as an Atheist – LOVE seeing Your Christian Witness, Coffee Pot – Because it IS So Christ-Like !!!!

      Thanks, Coffee Pot – for Your Christian Witness !

  • William Denison

    To all bible thumpers. Please stop telling me about your illusions and cult membership. Its to sad to listen to.

  • Linda

    Bob Allen……you need to take care of yourself, your families first. Tell me, how many times do you talk and see your cousins and aunt in a year? I bet you didnot know how your grandparents look like….?

    • Robert Allen

      Linda – all four of my Grandparents have been deceased for some time now. My Maternal Grandmother was a Grand Dame in the North Dakota chapter of the DAR – and I have been to every DAR shrine within Minnesota and North Dakota several times over in my Youth.

      One of my distant cousins was President Tom Jefferson – and I have relatives who had their land was surveyed, way back when, by a Young, Up and Coming George Washington.

      My living cousins and Aunt live in North Dakota, so I haven’t seen them in a while.

      What about Your family, Linda – do you Even know what your Grandparents look like ??? Just asking – and returning the attitude that you extend to me !!!!

      Faithlessly yours,

      Bob Allen

      • sad for Robert Allen

        “One of my distant cousins was President Tom Jefferson – and I have relatives who had their land was surveyed, way back when, by a Young, Up and Coming George Washington.”

        my goodness, I was half expecting you to reveal to us that you are Napoleon

        why not claim that too? he was very important also

  • Robert Allen

    If, Rebecca, you Want to bring Your Bible to a Hotel room with you when you check – go ahead – and, speaking as an Atheist – that Would be fine with me.

    Some folk even bring a Playboy into a Hotel room – and Some folk – watch Porn while they are in a Hotel Room. All of that Is Fine with me, too !!

      • Robert Allen

        Rebecca Hergert – I personally Don’t us Hotel Rooms – and was Only commenting about Your comment of Bringing a Bible Into a Hotel Room – which, as an Atheist – is fine with me.

        What you do, Rebecca, yourself, in a Hotel Room is Totally up to you – as long as it’s legal.

        Faithlessly yours,

        Bob Allen

  • sad for Robert Allen

    I’ve always understood, and had respect for the Agnostic who humbly states ‘I don’t know’

    But I’ve always been puzzled by the hypocriy of the athiest who say ‘I do know’.

    The athiest has just as much faith as anyone else, it’s just that your faith is in nothing

    • Robert Allen

      As an Atheist – I Do Know that there Are No Gods nor Devils. I Do Know that a number of folk who Claim to give a Christian Witness about themselves – tend to Show Everyone – the Length and Breadth of their Christian Witness – and that these Christian Witnesses – Witness In the Name of Christ!

  • William Denison

    I love it when people start throwing out verses from the bible like thier Harry Potter casting a spell. Makes me giggle :)

  • William Denison

    And whats with all the hands in the air while your all praying? Do they act as some kind of antenna so your god can see and or hear you better?

    • Robert Allen

      I agree with you Mitchell – the First Amendment to Our Constitution was adopted in 1791 – So the Establishment Clause of Our First Amendment is Not News.

      None the less, Mitchell – what Is News – Is that Many folk are upset – Today – about the Meaning of the Establishment Clause – that Forbids the Usage of Public tax-money for Private Religious thingies !!!!!

      • sad for Robert Allen

        you said in another post that you don’t even use hotel rooms – you must really be control freak to care what’s in them.

        and there’s no ‘tax money’ involved – those Bibles are provided for free by the Gideon society

        and you keep throwing out stuf to try to ‘impress’ us, (eagle scout, claims of relations, memberships etc) perhaps if you accepted your Creator’s unconditional love, you would feel so empty, angry and insecure

      • Robert Allen

        OH My, my – Such a Strong Christian Witness – where you Show Everyone Your take on Being Christ-Like – in the way that you – sad for Robert Allen – respond to me !!! I, as an Atheist – Love your Christian Witness !!! I also see that You lack the Guts to Use your Real name in your postings !!

        The Bibles may be “free” from the Gideons – but a Public tax-supported institution – By Allowing the Gideons to place their so-called Inerrant Bibles in a Public tax-supported Hotel room – Violates the Establishment Clause of Our Constitution – In The Leading Democracy of the Free World (or so the Propaganda tells us)!! Violating the Law of Our Land – Violates Everything that Is Sacred within Our Great Nation. Those Advocating the Violation of the Law of Our Land – Obviously support Terrorism !!!!

        As an Atheist – I See that the Propaganda of a so-called “unconditional love from” a “creator thingy” – Is just and Only Propaganda!!! But Look at All of the Conditions – Christian Witnessing, Suppression of One’s Self, Lying and Cheating In the Name of Christ – Sheeeeeesh. Hell of a lot of Conditions – if you ask me!!!!

  • A True Atheist

    Dear Robert,

    As an Atheist, you are the reason no one respects us. You are just as bad as any religious person “preaching” their ways to others. You have no right to attack others for their faith when you are being hypocritical.

    To anyone reading this… Robert is an extreme example of an Atheist just as there are extremes of religions. Please do not use his behavior as an indicator of all Atheists.

      • Robert Allen

        Oh MY – as you put it – “fair enough, I respect your attitude” – Says one person – Lacking the Guts to post Using their Real Name – to Another person who Also Lacks the Guts to post Using their Real Name !!!!

        Respect – From a Gutless Wonder To a Gutless Wonder!!! I Love it !!!

      • sad for Robert Allen

        “Obviously – words From the Cowardly Lion !!”

        a friend of Dorothy’s, perhaps?

      • Robert Allen

        No – sad for Robert Allen – You indicated – without Anything to support your position – “posting your own name on the internet is stupid” – which IS a Cowardly orientation. I was Just attempting to help You – Save Face!!!

        Obviously – Coward – You Don’t Want to save face – because as a Coward – you are even Too Ashamed of Yourself – to even have the necessary Self-esteem – to Want to Save Face!!

        Cowards Will Do and say Anything – Because they Are Cowards !!!

    • Robert Allen

      Dear so-called “True Atheist” – who Lacks the Guts to post under their Real Name –

      So – you call Yourself – “A True Atheist” – as an Obvious Propaganda Move – to Lend Credence to Your Post !!!!!

      As just an Ordinary Atheist, myself – I Am Amused with your post – and Amused with your sense of Needing – Credence !!!!! LOL

    • Robert Allen

      Pray wherever and whenever you want to. Personally, Atheists have no need, desire, or compulsion to pray – but if you want to – or need to – go ahead and do so.

      Additionally – Matthew 6:5-6 – Specifically tells you to Pray – in secret – and Don’t be a Hypocrite by Praying in public. So – it’s the Christian God – telling folk Not to Pray in Public – Not the Atheists !!!

      The issue that I and the FFRF dealt with – IS the issue that it is against the Law of Our Land – the U.S.A. Constitution – to use Public tax-money – for Private Religious thingies !!

      • sad for Robert Allen

        if you’re going to quote scripture, why not just let hotels keep their Bibles and let people do their own reading?

        Or do you just want to have the Gospel, according to Bob?

      • Robert Allen

        Oh My, oh MY – sad for Robert Allen – So You are upset – When I Quote Christian Scripture – Matthew 6:5-6 – that Proves that a Christian God Doesn’t want folk to Pray in Public – when I, as an Atheist – Support Christians – who Feel that they Have a Need to Pray – in Public!! It Sounds like – sad for Robert Allen – that YOU are Against the Christian God’s Words – to NOT Pray in Public!!

        Along with Being a Coward – You Also Don’t appear Able to Pay Attention either – as Evidenced by Your wanting a Public tax-payer Supported Hotel – to Violate the Law of Our Land – and have a Christian Bible in the Hotel Room!!!! Yet -you Don’t Like – Matthew 6:5-6 – that actually Appears in a Christian Bible!!!! You are Silly, Stupid, and a Hypocrite!!! Hot Damn – says I, as an Atheist !!

        Actually, I Am currently writing a book on America’s Architecture of the Cold War – and am just finishing a chapter on what the Fourth Protestant Awakening contributed to this American Architecture. So, in a way – my book – Will be – Good News – for all to read!

        Again, as an Atheist – I Witness the Good News of Atheism – while you and others within this Blog Space – through your Christian Witness – Witness Your rather strange take about Christ-Like-ness.

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