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COLD RUNNING: Braving Low Temps For Fitness

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See someone running outside on a warm, spring day and chances are you won't bat an eye. On a day where the temperature barely cracks zero, you probably think those runners are crazy.

"In Perry yesterday, I got all sorts of funny looks,” said Brian Benjamin, a runner and member of the Capital Striders.

Brian, Theresa, and Robyn are used to the skeptics.

They're members of the Capital Striders, a group of 450 Des Moines runners who get together for the love of the sport. They don't necessarily love running in the cold, but staying in shape and crossing the finish line in longer races keeps them motivated.

"I've got Drake coming up,” said Robyn Clevinger, a member of the Capital Striders.

Their keys to staying safe are simple. Runners cover up as much as possible, and never run get too far away from their starting point.

"You need to be close to a spot where you can stop and have your cell phone with you so you can call somebody,” said Benjamin.

For these runners, cold faces and feet is normal as a few miles outside beats the treadmill any day.

"It’s more fun to run outside. The monotony of treadmills is hard for us," said Benjamin.

For more information on the Capital Striders, visit their website or Facebook page.


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