MINIMUM WAGE: Poll Finds Most Iowans Support Raise

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While some are waiting for the temperatures to go up, many are waiting to find out if the minimum wage will, too.

A new poll by the Des Moines Register found 65 percent of Iowans support raising the minimum wage rate 31 percent from the current $7.25 an hour.  The poll showed the issue is a bipartisan one; only 45 percent of Iowa Republicans want the raise while 89 percent of Iowa Democrats support it.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch said he wants to up the rate in the state to $10.10.  In Congress, Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Harkin said he’s working to push the federal rate to the same $10.10 level by 2016.


  • William Denison

    Iowa Republicans don’t want the working poor to have access to food stamps,health care,affordable houseing etc but don’t want them to get ahead alittle bit either. So whats the end game for Iowas working poor?What have Iowa Republicans done to try and help anyone ever and solve the issue. Why do Iowa Republicans want to just keep kicking people while their down?

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Right, Republicans just don’t care about the poor. WRONG!!!!!! Raising the minimum wage is going to put people out of work because employers won’t be able to afford it, just like the so called affordable care act. But go ahead and continue to lie to yourself.

  • Trevor

    I’m for raising the minimum wage. They say a single person can’t survive under 10.00 per hour unless they work 2 to 3 jobs. The ones that are against it are the business owners because they want more in their pocket. And the people who already make way above that amount. And as far as people loosing jobs. No the businesses will just have to charge more for their product. The business are and will only shut down because our great country allows businesses to move to mexico and pay workers .50 an hours and sell it for huge markups in the us. I think they should have the law that if you move your business over to mexico or any other country then the product will not be sold here in the us. That would put a stop to the real quick. And as far as the affordable care act goes. That was set up to fail on purpose. It has nothing to do with who can and can’t afford it.

    • Adam Young

      It’s good to know that they’re are people Luke you our there that kbow absolutely nothing. My advise. Start your own business. Give it a week and rethink what you said. We as people are responsible for how well off we are. Sure everyone has had it hard. However in this country we have the power to change. So hash tag go back to school and get a decent job.

  • Coffee Pot

    Take a look around, a lot of business’ which I call small… not over 20 people working, are about to quit everything. Now Obama says business taxes are going to pay for the roads etc. after he restructures them. Now 10 bucks an hour. That ought to finish them off for good I’d say. Now the 10 bucks might sound good, but maybe there went your food stamps, your Free Obama care, your tax credit and maybe your job. But blame it on the republicans. Makes sense huh? Remember the 10 buck guys will want 15…. the 15 will want 20. Get the picture? Now what happens in the stores, when you buy your groceries, when they just had a raise in pay? The guy in the store just got a raise, the guy in the truck got a raise the guy in the warehouse got a raise, the guy in the field, got a raise….. And you think groceries won’t go up? Go ask Harkin and Hatch how that pencils out for them?

  • Coffee Pot

    My prediction, if your making 7.50 now, take a look around at your co workers, 1 out of the 4 will be gone and you remaining will pick up the slack. Two years from now when you get your health insurance, one or two more of you will be gone and you can take up that slack, or your employer will be gone and you can go look for a 10 dollar an hour job.

  • steve

    why only 10.10……let’s make it 50.00/hr…….. that’s 100k a year…..then, i’ll get a raise…………

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