ROADSIDE RESCUE: Mom And Child Trapped In Car

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A Greenfield couple rescued a pregnant woman and one-year-old child from a wreck along Interstate 80.  The two were trapped in their car after going off the road near Stuart Friday evening.

“It's about 6:15 at night.  We were headed for supper,” says Ryan Wissler of Greenfield.

Wissler and fiancée Gina Wallace saw a car spin out of control in the opposite lane.

“She went straight back across both lanes and down in the ditch,” Wissler said.

Wallace called 911 while Wissler ran across the interstate.

“My heart was racing.  I had no idea what I was going to run into when I got down in that ditch,” he says.

Wissler found the car upside down in the ditch that was hidden from the view of passing traffic.  Two people were trapped inside.

“I could hear a baby crying and I could hear the mom screaming for help,” says Wissler.

He couldn't get the doors open and had to flag down another driver for help.  Once the two got the baby to safety, Wissler went back for the pregnant mom.

“I crawled in through the passenger’s side and I kinda grabbed her by the arms and I drug her out of the car,” he said.

“She got out of the car, came up and was hysterical,” Wallace said.

Wallace still can't believe that no one else stopped to help.

“I didn't notice anyone putting brake lights on or stopping or anything and we were going the opposite way and we were the only ones that stopped,” she said.

“She was in desperate need of help and I was there and I helped her,” Wissler said.

They waited for police and paramedics to arrive and then left.  Tonight, they said they hope the people they rescued are okay.

“I drive this road just about every day and I’ll probably think about it every time I go by,” Wissler said.

We tried but could not reach the woman involved in the accident.  The Adair County Sheriff's Office responded to the crash and said more information should be available by Monday.

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