SECURE SCHOOL: State Senator McCoy Wants Safety Grants For Schools

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One Iowa lawmaker said he’s pushing a $10 million plan to better secure schools.

Democratic State Senator Matt McCoy of Des Moines said he wants safety grants that districts can use for things like door-locking services, alarms and two-way glass.

McCoy said he had the idea for the project after his family’s frightening scare with school shootings last October.

Des Moines schools were locked down after police said a man-made threats inside Merrill Middle School.  The lockdown included nearby Roosevelt High School where McCoy’s ninth-grade son, Jack, attends school.

During the lockdown, Jack sent a text message that McCoy said he’ll never forget.

“I think all of us were terrified and my son texted his mother and said, ‘Just in case, I love you.’  They didn’t understand what was going on,” McCoy said.

Republican House Speaker Kraig Paulsen has raised questions about the plan, saying he doesn’t want to see a one-size fits all safety strategy when schools are all so different.

McCoy’s full interview is available on the Insiders here.