UKRAINIAN CONFLICT: Warnings Issued To Russia

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have both issued warning to Russia after that country’s reportedly sent thousands of troops into Ukraine. The troops are supposed to calm the uprising in what’s already been a deadly clash that led to the removal of Ukraine’s Russian-backed president.

President Obama talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin for 90 minutes today. Obama condemned Russia’s military intervention and said it violated international law.

Ukraine’s ambassador asked Security Council members to stop Putin from taking further action.

A metro professor’s been to Ukraine numerous times and fears what further upheaval there will mean for the US.

AIB College of Business, international business professor, Roger Nowadzky, pages through a photo album of his visits to Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev.

Nowadzky also serves as a delegate between Iowa and Ukraine, helping establish a strong relationship between the two. He predicts things will likely continue to worse in the country.

“This really frightens me. I don`t trust Putin and I don`t know how were going to respond.”

Russia has not confirmed they’ve sent in troops, although media reports already note the troops arrival in Ukraine.

“The idea of somebody coming from outside uninvited to protect the citizens, that`s sounds very aggressive to me in an excuse to take back what you thought was yours to begin with.”

The white house said in a written statement, “The people of Ukraine have the right to determine their own future.”

Nowadzky says if Americans didn’t care much about the Ukrainian and Russian conflict before, they should start caring now. He fears this conflict could lead to a second Cold War.

“Once we get into another cold war, you only have so much money; you spend it on domestic programs or on defense.”

The President will continue discussions to help solve the conflict with the United Nations.


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