KING’S ADVICE: Jeb Bush Should Listen to His Mom

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“A mother’s advice is something to listen to,” Iowa Fourth District Congress Steve King said.

King, the Republican congressman from western Iowa knows former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is looking at a 2016 presidential run. He also knows what Bush’s mother, Barbara, has said on the prospects of another son running for president. The former first lady, who has already seen her husband, George H.W., and son, George W., serve as president, told CSPAN, “There’s no question in my mind that Jeb is the best-qualified person to run for president, but I hope he won’t. There are other families.”

King made the same point about other families. “Out of 300 million people, why would we think one family can produce three presidents and all the rest of those families could only produce a couple?”

King also acknowledged “Bush fatigue” with some Americans not wanting another Bush running for the White House. And that’s exacerbated if there’s the possibility Hillary Clinton could run for the Democrats, after her husband, Bill, already previously served two terms of his own. King said, “It seems like there’s a fatigue when they’re president. And they wear on people over time. Any president seems to. And then after they leave office, the fatigue seems to go away. And we have happy memories of a man that stepped up to serve our country.”

King said he sees those happy memories with the first two Bush presidents. “I think that’s true with Bush 41. I think that’s true with Bush 43. And there’s some good will that exists there,” King said. But he added this, too, “And now whether Jeb Bush can pick up on that, I don’t know.”

“It’s an issue for sure,” Bush admitted.

Watch Congressman King’s comments on Channel 13’s “The Insiders” here.

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