BEAUTY BAR: New Type Of Salon In Metro

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A new type of salon is starting to pop up in the metro.

Women tend to feel their best right after getting their hair cut and styled. But, that only happens every four to six weeks. Now, a new a type of salon could help you have better hair days more often.

This sounds and looks like any salon. Client Reesa Anthofer says, "It's just fun to go and treat yourself occasionally."

But, Anthofer isn't sitting in the stylist's chair for a cut or color. Stylist Nicholas Warne says, "I'm just getting her sectioned for a blowout."

She's at Penelopie Beauty Bar for what's called a blow-out. Warne says, "A little more stunning than we can usually do our self."

For forty bucks, you get your hair washed, dried and leave looking great. Anthofer says, "It's something you can go and do a little more frequently without having to go and get a haircut."

It takes about an hour for the service. The style can last up to a week.

Co-Owner Bopha Mom-Baccam says, "I didn't do my hair today because I got a blow out yesterday, so it just saves a lot of time."

Mom-Baccam and Katie Theulen own Penelopie Beauty Bar. The two women started planning it a year and a half ago after working as freelance make-up artists.

Theulen says, "We really saw a need because brides would come to us and ask who should do their hair for their wedding day, and if we had a location."

Their beauty bar offers blow-outs, up-do's and make-up applications, but nothing else.  Theulen says, "It's definitely a trend that we have seen everywhere. If you pick up Allure or Glamor, you can see blowout bars in every issue."

The beauty bar opened less than a month ago in Clive. The owners say it's the first of its kind in Iowa. But, it's been big business on the coasts.

Tom Swartwood with Drake University says, "It reflects people are busy. They're looking for these affordable luxuries. And, I think that's a long term trend."

Swartwood says female owned businesses like this are good for Iowa's economy. Penelopie Beauty Bar has two-part employees and one full time with plans to add another in a few weeks. Free-lancers work there as needed. And, the business provides the two young entrepreneurs freedom to be their own boss.

Mom-Baccam says, "We made our dreams come true a little bit."

And, they’re able to help others feel their best. Anthofer says, "You just feel pampered and a lot better."

The grand opening for Penelopie Beauty Bar on University Avenue in Clive is March 29th.

Kristin Broers plans to open a Blo Blow Dry Bar in the East Village this May. It will be located in the former Sticks location on the corner of East 6th and Locust Streets.