COMIC’S TAKE: Colbert Ridicules King’s Comments

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Iowa Fourth District Republican Congressman Steve King detailed what he described as “self-professed behavior” when addressing homosexuals on Channel 13’s “The Insiders” last Sunday. King maintained business owners should be legally permitted to refuse service to homosexuals. Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill last week that would have allowed that.

Ever since King’s comments aired, Democrats have heavily criticized King’s comments. Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert also mocked King’s words during his show that aired Tuesday night.

Watch King’s comments on “The Insiders” here.

Watch Colbert’s segment about King below:


  • Ann Sidney

    I am an independent-minded individual, with nearly all of my voting history being conservative, but King’s viewpoint and comment dismay me. While I am disgusted by the LGBT stuff being forced on me as if they have to have special consideration, I am equally disgusted by King’s stance. It is narrow-minded, opens the door to all sorts of discrimination, and causes ridicule of conservatives, while many of them do not share this view.

  • Rusty Weeks

    This is stupid! If it is my shop and I do not want to serve someone because of Religious beliefs, then I should be able to do that. What I can back up is that there is nothing in the Bible pertaining to race. There are several references that pertain to homosexual behavior. It is against the laws of nature, and the laws of God. I would not condone homosexual marriage by allowing them to use my services, be it photography, flowers, cake, or what have you. I am not a bigot, I am not homophobic, I have several friends that practice that lifestyle, and I love them just the same. They know how I feel about homosexuality, and I have no problem telling them that I think it is wrong. I believe that it is the right of every American to be able to practice their religion, and if that means that they cannot condone a homosexual “marriage” than there should be no law telling them that they have to accept gay clients. I would even advertise, “No homosexual couples need apply.”

    • momofboys

      You are a bigot, just read your comment again. How about Muslims, or Jews? As a good Christian, how about them? Aren’t they going to hell too? How about unwed mothers? Aren’t they all against your religious beliefs too? Maybe we can work on some old school teachings, and stone them. Read the Bible again, and try the New Testament. I am pretty sure that Jesus loves everyone. And its God’s place to judge, NOT YOURS!

    • Homer Coppock

      You are totally wrong that the Bible directly refers to homes equality as it is known today.

  • William Denison

    Steve King is a idiot no one can change that. He and the rest of Iowas GOP is making us into laughing stocks for the rest of the USA.

  • Ruby

    It truly AMAZES me how one small group can spread HATE in these comment areas. I don’t hate, I don’t accept and condone THERE IS A DIFFERENCE people. They want acceptance, borderline approval in every way. I will not judge. I will not mistreat, I will not ridicule, I will not lower myself to insults……But I don’t have to ACCEPT actions which are contrary to my beliefs., And that is what is wanted. It will not happen folks.

  • Jason Brees

    Why is it I am supposed to bend over backward to accept christians and their beliefs, but when they are asked for the same considerations its all about some stupid book 90% have never read and 100% cherry pick? Its STUPID!!!!!! You talk about changing the definition of biblical marriage, NEWS FLASH the moment you quit paying for women with goats you changed it!!!

  • Harry Moyer

    King is just representing the racist, inbred derp-de-derps that elected him to dishonor himself and our State. This is the same moron that agreed with another guy running for the Senate in Missouri that women have a biological mechanism that allows them to “self-abort” a pregnancy due to rape. Seriously?!?!?
    I used to have many Republican friends… everyone of them that I can think of is now an Independent or Democrat. How can you blame them not wanting to be associated with these flat-earth morons?

  • Coffee Pot

    So let me get this straight. You don’t like him because he is a republican? So you don’t listen to what he said? You just call him and other Republicans names and say how stupid they are? And that makes you morally superior to everyone? And demand that no one say anything about your lifestyle as you skip hand in hand with another man down the street?
    But then again, on the other hand, you have no problem having smokers taken out back and shot on sight. Because it affects you. But gays don’t have an effect on anyone else right? Well I don’t want my kids watching you and being told you are normal. Your NOT.

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