WATER WOES: Leon Deals With Water Main Break

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Water woes for the small city of Leon. An old water main broke Monday night, quickly tapping the town. "We lost every drop of water this town had." said Water Superintendent "Junior" Jennings, "We lost between three and four hundred thousand gallons. In a matter of an hour and a half we were dry."

Like many small communities in Iowa, Leon has an aging infrastructure. This unusually cold winter has taken it’s toll on the city’s one hundred year old water pipes. Now, Leon and other small Iowa communities will have to rely on state and possibly federal money to replace their aging lines.

"Many small towns are facing the same issues that we are." says Leon Mayor Rob Kilgore, "These are issues that the whole state is going to work together and have to take care of. We're hoping that we can amass some information that we can take back to the legislature. We're going to need help with these issues."

Residents in Leon are asked to continue conserving water and a boil water advisory remains in effect.

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