CRIME SPREE: Police Arrest Suspect

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Des Moines police have arrested a suspect they believe was involved in three separate crimes on the same day.

Police say 22-year-old Taylor Macmanus-Sellers of Des Moines was arrested Thursday after officers pulled him over.

Macmanus-Sellers is accused of committing the crimes last Saturday between 1:20 and 3:00 in the afternoon.

Officers say he tried to pry into an ATM at the Greater Iowa Credit Union in the 600 block of East 30th. He didn’t get any money from the ATM.

Then Macmanus-Sellers broke into coin boxes at the Four Mile Car Wash in the 3700 block of Easton. He got away with about $100 in change.

During this time frame police say Macmanus-Sellers also tried to rob the Star gas station in the 3700 block of East University at knife point. Police say he demanded money, but took off when the clerk confronted him with a metal baseball bat.

Macmanus-Sellers is charged with first degree robbery, first degree burglary, and fifth degree criminal mischief. He is being held in the Polk County Jail.


  • cynthia w Taylors mother

    I pray for those who may have been hurt by my son Taylor’s alleged. actions that day and I’m truely grateful noone was seriously harmed! With that said, my son is neither an idiot nor is he a criminal! If you want a story, this young man is the true testament of what can happen when you become addicted to these “prescription drugs” that have taken many young lives! My son is a good decent hardworking young man that has an addiction he needs and wants and is seeking help for! He has had 6 close friends pass on before there time directely(od) or indirectely from this same addiction! He has had more loss in his short 22 years on earth then most people do or have in there entire lifetime, all due to sum form of addiction!! He needs treatment, not prision! As i have spoke to my son, responsibility for any action, behavior, or ill will will not be throw to the side nor should it be taken lightly! Total accountability is what he will take for any wrongs he may have committed! He does not wish to diminish his responsibilities nor accountability , the fact of the matter is that if it were not the addiction that had escalated to the point of running his life, rather than himself, this alleged crime spree would have never in a million years be what is now a part of my sons life story!! He has no violent criminal backround- traffic infractions mostely- nor has his backround been of drug induced crimes. That’s quite a jump wouldn’t one say to go from driving under suspection to Robbery in the 1 st degree? Theft?! He was and has almost yearly for the past 6 years of his life kept 2 jobs and excelled at both! This was, and is a steep. cry for help! I’m truly grateful no one got hurt- but to sentence this young man anywhere from 17 yrs to possibly 25 yrs in prison to me is not justice- when and where will his past record, who his family really KNOWS this young man to be ever be taken into account? Will he be able to get the treatment he needs, wants and is seeking? And what about second chances? Granted, behaivor, and actions have conquences and should be taken into consideration, but shuldnt there also be some empathy? These alleged charges were not done out of malice or forthought- it was not planned, it was in direct result. of an uncontrolled, untreated and unseen addiction! He has never before had any kind of drug treatment nor had any kind of care for his addiction, and this whole alleged crime spree is a direct link! Again, i am not saying nor is my son stating that any kind of wrong or ill doing be left unpunished, and taylor would be the first to say he will take accountability and responsibility-I’m just making the statement he need help, treatment not prision!!

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