DMACC INNOVATION: Astronaut, TV Star Speak

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This week, some Des Moines Area Community College students get to step out of the classroom and change their way of thinking about the world.

It is Celebrate Innovation Week at DMACC’s west campus in West Des Moines. The event stresses the importance of creative thinking and innovation.

“This is all about helping people say ‘hey, we can do life different and we can be successful,’” says Dr. Anthony Paustian, Provost.

This year’s theme is “Seeing New Worlds.” It’s focusing not only on science, but art as well. It’s free for students and the public.

Thursday is the last day of the CI Week, and some impressive guests are helping close out the events.

Grant Imahara from the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters will talk about how to make science and engineering cool. He’ll speak at 11:30 a.m.

Then at 1:30 p.m., the last man to walk on the moon will make an appearance. Captain Eugene Cernan was on three historic missions in space, including two Apollo missions.

Provost Anthony Paustian says the research from those missions brought about products we now take for granted, like MRI machines and Velcro.

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