HAZ-MAT TEAM: Crew Dispatched To Methodist


The Des Moines Haz-Mat team was called to Methodist Medical Center on Wednesday morning.

The call was made after jet fuel for the hospital’s helicopter overflowed onto the ground.  It started when a tanker truck was filling an underground storage tank.

The Haz-Mat team contained the spill and tested the air for possible contaminates.  No one inside the hospital was affected from the overflow.

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  • Roxanne Johnson

    It would be helpful to let people know this was not the fault of James Oil Co. The overflow monitor of Methodist hopsital did not work. When you report information you are sometimes dealing with peoples livlihoods. Your report makes it sound as if it is the fault of James Oil and that is terrible publicity of the company.

    • Southside Pride

      I don’t remember reading the name of the company anywhere in the article, so thank you for putting their name out there, regardless od whose fault it was.

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