TEEN STRANDED: Rescued After Hours In Car Wreck

One teenager is recovering in the hospital after she crashed her car in southwest Iowa and was stranded there for hours.

“It just felt so long and I was scared that no one would ever find me,” said Taylor Peatrowsky.

The 17-year-old said she lost control of the car while taking a drink of water.  She went into the ditch when the car flipped and landed in a creek.

Peatrowsky said she shouted for help but no one could hear her.  Her injuries were so bad she couldn’t get out of the freezing car.

“I found a dry sweatshirt in my car and put it over my arms and legs.  I just clenched my hands together to try to keep blood moving,” Peatrowsky said.

She stayed in her car for more than three hours until a neighbor found her.

She broke her pelvis and has several bruises from the crash. Peatrowsky will need surgery and several months of recovery time from the accident.

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