VOTER FRAUD: Schultz Loses ACLU Lawsuit

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A Polk County judge is ordering Secretary of State Matt Schultz to end his program for identifying potential illegal voters.

Before the 2012 presidential election, Schultz announced new rules to identify illegally registered voters in Iowa.  A federal database was used to confirm the citizenship status of registered voters who may not have been eligible to vote.

The ACLU sued the Secretary of State’s Office claiming that the databases Schultz was relying on were not up to date and were never intended to be used for voter investigations.

Wednesday a Polk County judge agreed. He invalidated the new rules and ordered the Secretary of State’s office to pay all court costs for the challenges to the rules.

The Secretary of State’s Office  says it is still reviewing the judge’s ruling.  They won’t comment except to say that they will appeal the ruling.

The office has also been accused of improperly using federal money to pay for the investigations.

Secretary Schultz isn’t running for re-election but he is running for the 3rd district Congressional seat.


    • michelle

      I agree, if you want to be a legal citizen you have the right to vote, if your not legal, then stay home.

      • michelle

        Rebublicans aren’t the problem, quit making this a party issue!!! Every legal citizen deserves to be heard, and have the right to vote. Don’t come into the country illegally and expect handouts, and still have the right to vote.

  • Glen Reynolds

    How about only LEGAL residents vote? @William Dennison – Republicans are not the problem. People breaking the LAW is the problem.

  • Justice

    You are correct, Glen, people need to quit breaking the laws and judges need to start upholding them.

  • Coffee Pot

    It’s not a strategy, it’s a fact. Asking for identity to vote makes sense. No game’s. I don’t know anybody here legally that doesn’t have an ID.
    I went to a doctors office the other day, and they asked for a photo ID. I Proudly said, hey I’m a registered Democrat I don’t need one and you can’t ask for it. They were not impressed. They did NOT think that was funny. I still had to show them one, how bout that.

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