WIND ENERGY: Iowa Among The Best In The Nation

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A new report has Iowa wind energy is among the best in the nation.

A report released on Wednesday shows a greater percentage of Iowa homes are powered by wind energy compared to any other state in the nation.

The American Wind Energy Association says 27 percent of the power generated in Iowa comes from wind turbines.

Iowa is number two when it comes to total wind energy production.  The turbines in the state created 15,000-megawatt-hours in the last year, which is enough to power 1.4-million homes.

Texas is still the leader in both of those categories, more than doubling Iowa’s output.


  • paul

    I wonder why nothing is said about what the tax payers are paying for this with wind tax payer wellfare money.

  • David Ward

    Policy attracting the investment in Iowa’s and all of America’s homegrown, renewable resources is a good deal.

    There is no free market in energy and there never has been. It’s always been heavily regulated and incentivized, which has kept prices low for consumers and helped drive the U.S. economy.

    State federal and state policy encouraging wind power’s growth is an investment in our homegrown, natural resources that creates significant economic and environmental benefits in all 50 states.

    The major tax credit for wind, the Production Tax Credit, more than pays for itself in local, state, and federal taxes and attracts up to $25 billion a year into our economy.

    Learn more facts about wind power here,

    David Ward, AWEA

  • Coffee Pot

    Yes, what he said. Wind is only 30 cents a KW and that nasty coal is 6 cents. And that natural gas is 10 to 12 cents. So it makes sense to pay more. Ok maybe it doesn’t. but that won’t stop them.
    Govt subsidies keep it competitive. In other words your tax dollars at work. So keep paying your taxes and we’ll keep wind power going. Otherwise, go see your banker because you won’t be able to afford it.

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