DATA BREACH: DHS Says Confidential Info Released

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There’s been a data breach at the Iowa Department of Human Services which affects more than 2,000 Polk County residents.

The department issued a news release about the breach Friday. It says because of improper use of personal electronic devices and personal online storage accounts by two employees, some confidential data was transmitted outside of the secure network.

The breach was discovered during an internal investigation in January. It shows confidential data has been transmitted outside of the network since 2008.

The information transmitted included names, mailing addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and medical information from some child and dependent adult abuse cases.

Those affected have been contacted by mail and are being offered free credit monitoring.

“There are no reports that any of the information was misused before it was deleted,” says Pat Penning, service area manager for Polk County.

Officials say appropriate action has been taken against the two employees who violated the DHS policy that led to the breach. Spokesperson Amy Lorentzen McCoy cited personnel policies in declining to answer what those actions were.


  • Jody J

    According to What this Article Consists of? Maybe These 2 People put that information into the Wrong hands for Other Purposes. The information was based on Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Cases. Makes me wonder Why?!! I would be concerned !!

  • ew

    DHS is a joke these people dont know good parents from bad ones. this is a part of our system that needs fixed. I know a couple who were reported on false allegations they proved these allegations wrong still dont have their children back. Yet I read a while ago a couple who had dog crap on the floor, along with meth, and pipes. They return the kids to the home the same day!!!!! this is just plain wrong.

  • David Etemad

    Do I have a scoop or is it called a ‘get’ these days for you. All these breaches of department stores electronic data all have one thing in common: no suspects or even leads to who did them. I give you one name – Michele Schwartzott Etemad. She was my wife who used my expertise as an electrical engineer to further her narcissistic ambitions into a worldwide criminal enterprise operating with impu…nity as the ‘Ethernet’ world allows for complete anonymity. This said; the best way to make your point is with Saxon, not Latin, derived words.
    I baseline these statements with the following dockets:
    In Dallas County Family District Court.
    In Dallas County Criminal Court No. 3
    In US District Court Northern District of Texas Dallas Division
    So at face value how does an uncontested divorce, a DWI charge and three civil suits have to do with Internet crime, nothing but everything, as I was to find out ignominiously. See it took me a year to find out the divorce was uncontested but after that it became obvious that it wasn’t about seizing marital assets because even the worst case default divorce would have brought to light white collar crime as vast as a router can access. So my civil rights and my natural rights were systematically ignored, discounted and then abused. Machiavellian.
    In the modern era of ‘Big Brother’ I have leveraged this to my favor. I say everything about my present and past is available for the media. If its digital or can be photocopied all the way back to my pre-natal medical records I will make it available.
    For me, it is not about revenge or even vengeance, it is about letting American freedoms catch up with law enforcement, personal privacy and liberty in the age of servers and social media (actually vice versa).

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