EASY TARGET: Crooks Targeting Cars In Gym Parking Lots

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West Des Moines Police say thieves are targeting cars in gym parking lots for breaking in and stealing valuables. And the victims seem to be making it pretty easy for the crooks.

Police said they believe the thieves are targeting gym parking lots because they know customers will be in there for a while. And because it’s easy pickings. We walked through the parking lots of a few West Des Moines gyms and found electronics, purses, wallets…even cash in full view.

"It's stupid," said Kari Todd, who left her purse on the front seat while she worked out.

"I usually hide it. I usually put it behind the seat and underneath the seat. Today obviously you caught me and I didn't do so hot," Todd said.

Police agree.

"Don't leave them out in plain sight." said Sgt Ken O'Brien with the West Des Moines Police Dept.

"The thieves seem to like purses. They like laptops, they like iPads and they like smartphones," O'Brien said.

Police plan to increase patrols near gyms.