PARENTS UNHAPPY: Boy, 10, Brings Knife To School

Parents of students at Moravia Elementary School say they`re furious with how the district handled a student bringing a weapon to school.

Last week, a ten-year-old brought a large kitchen knife to the southeast Iowa school.

According to the Appanoose Sherriff`s Department, the boy showed another student the knife on the bus and threatened to stab the victim if he told anyone.

The school suspended the boy for five days. But he was caught bringing a weapon to school on his first day back.

Parents say the only thing more concerning than these two incidents is the fact that the school district did not tell them about what happened.

“Every parent or grandparent has a right to know what’s going on up there on a serious manner,” said one parent who asked that we conceal his identity for the safety of his child.

The school`s superintendent Brad Breon would not go on camera, but did talk to Channel 13 News over the phone.

“It has been taken care of appropriately according to our policy. The law was involved and it`s been taken care of well,” Breon said

Breon wouldn`t go into details, but says the boy won`t be coming back to the school anytime soon.

According to the school’s bus policy, “The driver must make every attempt to notify everyone involved on the day of the violation.” However, the mother of the alleged victim says the school contacted her the next day, after police had already interviewed her child.

The mother also told Channel 13 news that before the incident she told district officials they needed chaperones on the buses because of bullying. She says the buses still do not have chaperones.


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