PARENTS UNHAPPY: Boy, 10, Brings Knife To School

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Parents of students at Moravia Elementary School say they`re furious with how the district handled a student bringing a weapon to school.

Last week, a ten-year-old brought a large kitchen knife to the southeast Iowa school.

According to the Appanoose Sherriff`s Department, the boy showed another student the knife on the bus and threatened to stab the victim if he told anyone.

The school suspended the boy for five days. But he was caught bringing a weapon to school on his first day back.

Parents say the only thing more concerning than these two incidents is the fact that the school district did not tell them about what happened.

“Every parent or grandparent has a right to know what's going on up there on a serious manner,” said one parent who asked that we conceal his identity for the safety of his child.

The school`s superintendent Brad Breon would not go on camera, but did talk to Channel 13 News over the phone.

“It has been taken care of appropriately according to our policy. The law was involved and it`s been taken care of well,” Breon said

Breon wouldn`t go into details, but says the boy won`t be coming back to the school anytime soon.

According to the school's bus policy, "The driver must make every attempt to notify everyone involved on the day of the violation." However, the mother of the alleged victim says the school contacted her the next day, after police had already interviewed her child.

The mother also told Channel 13 news that before the incident she told district officials they needed chaperones on the buses because of bullying. She says the buses still do not have chaperones.


  • todd

    Needs a chaperone on the bus? Better lay off more teachers so we can afford chaperones. Maybe she should volunteer to be the chaperone. Or take her kids to school herself.

    • Kyra

      Agreed! The reason the kid did this is probably because of all the ridiculous hype about weapons and guns. The adults in this world are so screwed up the kids are all probably sitting back laughing.

  • Moravia mom

    Well, when kids are smoking pot and bringing knives on the bus, and nothing is being done, it’s frustrating for parents.

    • Centerville dad

      Smoking pot??? Really??? I think someone is exaggerating a bit whether its you or your child. There is no way someone smokes pot or cigarettes on a school bus and not get caught!

  • Moravia mom

    Not exaggerating. I didn’t say the kid didn’t get caught, just that it happened and it’s the kind of thing parents are tired of. This boy who brought the knifes to school had to have a teacher ride the bus to school with him last year because he was sexually harassing a young girl. The school had plenty of advance knowledge about this child’s deep psychological issues.

  • Justice

    If hte child has been in trouble in past years and is now bring a knife to school, MORE THAN ONCE, why hasn’t he be expelled? Good to hear the cops are involved and the 10 year old won’t be back causing touble. Sorry to the kids and parents of this school district. Sounds like definitely a bad apple in the classroom (and on the bus) to me.

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    Just goes to show that government can’t and won’t protect us. We can give up one right after another and nothing government will do will provide 100 percent security. The knife in question could have just as easily been a firearm. I can see it now. TSA riding on every school bus and checking every child and their backpack for weapons. Is that what you people want? Because that is probably where this is headed.

      • country mom

        Ya with a paddle and a right to spank!..If my son or daughter dis this they would have there Butts beat sorry but I believe in discipline! !

    • country mom

      We don’t need the government to protect us and we don’t need chaperones on the school bus. .what we need is parents to spank their kids for doing stupid things. .but since u r not allowed to beat your child’s but has turned to this type of behavior not in just small schools but all over the United states. I feel that teachers and bus drivers should have the right to discipline a child for being out of line..If that means grabbing a paddle and smacking their but so be it..they did it when I was in school and I’m ok..and I can guarantee that I didn’t do it again..sad this happen and hope it doesn’t again but it also goes back to poor parenting skills and the lack of discipline! Not only that but I also remember growing up and it was Nothing for kids to have a pocket knife in their pocket or guns sitting in the back glass of their because they just got done checking traps before school. .u no why that was ok…because parents spanked our assessment back in the day!..Think about it a little bit. ..

  • Coffee Pot

    It’s entertaining to watch peoples reactions to things. Kid brings a knife to school twice and he should be locked up. But two years ago, a 12 year old kills his stepdad, shoots sister and missed his mom and everybody thought he should be let go. Just because the mom of the exhusband said he was abused. Interesting.
    Baby rattle snakes are so cute though.

  • BaaBwaWawa

    Spend some time on a school bus. I have a friend who drives for a school district. Many stories of the little sociopaths and what they do and try and get away with because there is no parental or other authority they respond to on the bus. It’s all the kids, and they aren’t saints by any far stretch. They do and get away with much, brazenly; including things that threaten the jobs of drivers, because the kids can manipulate the responses of uninformed foolish adults (like many on this string).

  • Janine

    Guess I wonder why the parents aren’t frisking the child before he leaves the house, driving him to school and escorting him inside!

    • Moravia mom

      Because the kid’s “mom” is a whack-a – doodle who has been banned from school grounds several times for things like threatening to kill other parents, but then the ban is lifted and she comes back. She has 4 kids at the school, all of them with severe behavioral issues.

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