EMAIL EXCHANGES: University President And Regents Not Communicating Well

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The University of Iowa’s President’s email exchanges are raising questions about the Board of Regents.

In a meeting last month, Regents criticized President Sally mason for what they said was a lack of communication on her part.

“By failing to communicate in a timely manner with this board, you effectively gave us no other choice but to have this meeting today…So we can hear from you directly, rather than hear only news accounts about what is happening on your campus,” said Katie Mulholland with the Board of Regents.

However, emails obtained from the Cedar Rapids Gazette show Regents repeatedly cancelled several planned meetings with President Mason.

One email exchange between staff for Regent President Bruce Rastetter and President Mason reads in part, ”Bruce will now be out of the country on the 30th and unfortunately will be unable to attend the scheduled meeting with Sally”.

Rastetter also attempted to back out of his next scheduled meeting with Mason.  This time it was because, “Bruce has been asked to speak on IPTV Iowa Press and they are taping Friday, February 28 so Bruce will not be able to make this meeting”.

Rastetter did end up attending the meeting on the 28th in order to address comments Mason made regarding sexual assaults on campus.

When Regents complained about the apparent lack of communication, Mason pointed to the cancelled meetings.

“In December, in meeting with Regents Mullholland and Rastetter, we agreed that we would have regular monthly meetings and unfortunately those have not happened,” Mason said.

“It’s been a bit of a frustration,” Mason said.

President Mason is scheduled to meet with the board again on March 28 and according to her emails, that meeting is still on.