ROUGH ROADS: Pothole Problems For Drivers

As the weather warms up, more potholes will appear on Iowa roads.

Like snow and ice, potholes are proving to be hazards for metro drivers.

On Friday, a car literally got stuck in a pothole. A number of cars have also ended up in the shop after hitting potholes.

"We had two others last week that were the same deal,” Westside Auto Pros’ Ron Haugen says. “They hit a pothole and the tire deflated. We had a jeep come in with a broken wheel. A piece of the aluminum wheel was actually broke out of it."

In Des Moines, crews are fixing one hundred more pot-holes this year than they did last.

Workers are getting started now with a winter mix to fill them in. But much of the work will be re-done after April 15th.

Currently, water is getting in the holes making it difficult for material to stick. In April, a hot asphalt mix will be used that serves as a more permanent fix.

Even though a lot of the work will have to be re-done, crews can't ignore the holes currently out there.

"We have to keep these roads safe and open for traffic. No one likes hitting these or having their car damaged. We patch these roads to keep them serviceable,” Des Moines Public Works Director Pat Kozitza explains.

As you drive, you'll probably notice crews skipping right over big holes. Right now workers are only fixing the holes that have been called in. So if you drive by a big hole, you're asked to pick up the phone and let your public works department know.

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