THREE MINUTES: Sen. Mark Chelgren

This week should be much calmer in the Iowa Senate. Senators Mark Chelgren and Tom Courtney sparred over Chelgren’s accusation that Courtney told people to withhold information from Chelgren.

Chelgren discussed the incident, spending Three Minutes in the Chair with Channel 13’s Dan Winters.

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  • Sarah

    I completely agree about the statement that children that are too sheltered grow up to be adults that don’t completely understand the full impacts of their own actions and wind up somewhat selfish due to the fact that they weren’t even given the option to see, or experience, the impact those decisions and acts caused. As human beings we DO learn from pain, whether physical or emotional, we learn and generally change our behaviors based on those experiences. I do believe that by trying to protect ourselves from everything, we leave ourselves to experience nothing. If you don’t allow ANYTHING to happen, NOTHING will.

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