BUILDING IMPLOSION: Former Nursing School To Be Demolished

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The former Iowa Methodist School of Nursing will soon cease to exist.

“The hospital had a concern about the constant noise and vibration so they chose to go the implosion route,” David Vinser of Vincer Construction explains.

The blast is set for Sunday at 7 a.m. It’s expected to take just 9 seconds for the building at 1220 Pleasant Street to tumble to earth.

Crews have been preparing for months. There are between 300 and 400 hundred holes filled with explosives in the main columns and load baring walls

Workers stripped out the interior, drywall, carpet and wood.

“There are a lot of materials that can still be saved. Between 90-95 percent of all the materials that were in their between furniture and drywall, bricks; anything you can think of that can be used in other services and other construction places can be used elsewhere,” UnityPoint Health’s Amy Varcoe says.

About 500 bricks will be saved and given to the school’s alumni.

The nearby Unity Point Hospital will eventually expand into that empty space.