DOLLAR PROJECT: 6th Graders Turn $250 Into Over $8,500

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For the past month, 6th graders at Merrill Middle School have had holes burning in their pockets.

In February, the students started the "Dollar Doing Good" project. They were instructed to take that dollar and do as much good as possible.

“Basically 250 one dollar bills added up to 100 hours of service, over 1,000 items donated and over $8,000 raised that is now going to various organizations,” 6th grade teacher Blake Hammond said.

The students got to decide which cause to help.

Luke Beeman charged his friends $5 to watch a movie and eat pizza. He used the money to buy flowers for Wesley Acres Retirement Home and he also spent time with the residents.

“They really mostly like when we played bingo. They liked having something to do. Then I had by siblings my siblings come with me, they played the piano and their instruments,” Luke explained.

The teachers at Merrill say this project helps kids learn a lot about compassion, business and making new friends.