NO AUTHORITY: Pharmacy Board Won’t Regulate Medical Marijuana


The Iowa Board of Pharmacy is refusing to weigh in on medical marijuana, saying it doesn’t have the authority to make rules regulating the drug’s use.

Twelve-year-old Quincy Hostager has good days and bad days. Wednesday was one of those bad days. He suffers from a seizure disorder, and this time the seizures seemed to be worse than usual. What Quincy’s mother, Maria Lafrance had hoped for was that the Iowa Board of Pharmacy would pass some rules for the use of medical marijuana to help reduce Quincy’s seizures. But board members, appointed by the governor, voted unanimously against the proposal.

“I think they were empathetic.” Lafrance says, “But empathy is not leadership. Taking actions and solving problems is leadership.”

Board members refused to comment after the vote. Governor Branstad has said he will not back any bills legalizing medical marijuana.


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