STATE FAIR: Vendors Asked To Accept Credit Cards

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Iowa State Fair (WHO-HD)

The Iowa State Fair wants food vendors to accept credit and debit cards, along with cash, this summer.

In a meeting Wednesday, the State Fair Board decided it will send letters to vendors to request the move. The board says the goal is to make the more convenient for fairgoers.

This year’s fair runs from August 7th to the 17th.


  • Ishmale Whale

    I do not know how processing credit cards work, but I assume not everyone can due to bank, credit, and criminal background checks. Not everyone has the type of cell phone that can accept a credit card reader. Swipe fees will increase the prices, and some people will abuse it and file charge backs that cost the vendors money and if to many, the ability to continue to accept credit cards. Then there is credit card fraud that will cost the vendors money…

  • Jody J

    I Think that is a GREAT Idea !! I Only carry 1 Bank/Credit card and NO cash. I think this would make it much more easier for fair-goers. I see only 1 draw-back. I would spend more money !! LOL

    It Says No Where is the above article on Cell Phone Swipes.
    I don’t Own a Contract Cell phone and there are Plenty more out there like me. I use a basic Cell phone CDMA network and use it only for important phone calls and emergencies. Not one to be found staring of into a cell phone and fall asleep with one in my hands !! Like a lot of people I know. Every where you look, you’ll see TONS of people that Just can’t put that Cell phone down.

  • Grace

    It is not a Great Idea for the vendors.. My kids owned a shoe store and if they get a stolen credit card used it goes back on them.. Gone are the shoes and they are stuck.. Will the fair board make up their losses???

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