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JAIL BEATING: Former Perry Officer Pleads Guilty

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former Perry police officer has pleaded guilty to an assault that happened when he was on the force.

Rick Kuhn was accused of assaulting Clinton Richard during an arrest in December, 2013.

“I had a broken knuckle here from where he twisted my hand.  I had my elbow pulled out of the socket,” Richard told Channel 13 in February.

Kuhn resigned from the police force on January 31st.

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When we asked the former officer last month if he beat up Clinton Richard, Kuhn replied, “no, no, absolutely not.”

The DCI used video tape of the alleged incident as part of their investigations.

Criminal charges were filed on Tuesday. Kuhn entered a guilty plea in court Thursday.


    • Sheila

      My Brother pleads guilty b/c you guys force him to say so.
      Why everyone is defending a drunk that
      Can’t even stay sober for a news interview. Birds of
      A feather flock together. PWT defends PWT,
      I understand you have to stick with your own kind and yet
      I don’t judge you for that . It’s not your place to judge .
      All u Perry skanks that hate him I am sure are upstanding citizens that have never been in trouble with the law.
      People are way too judgemental , and really need to stay out of it, including the media.

      • PWT

        PWT defends PWT,you have to stick with your own kind,All u Perry skanks

        And follows that up with “People are way too judgemental” huh?

      • Jon

        I do not live in Perry, have not broken the law and I know first hand what a POS this guy is. He was forced to plea guilty? Sounds more like you’re the one on dope. If he can’t even follow the laws we pay him to uphold, it is our business. If he’s as narrow minded and judgemental as his sister he shouldn’t be an officer. You’ve done nothing but prove your family’s tainted name with your judgemental views and your angry outbursts. Birds of a feather flock together as you said.

      • William Denison

        Your brother is a corrupt abuser. If I was him I’d be looking over my shoulder worried about all the other people I abused. Hes the lowest of the low.

      • doc

        you can’t really believe he pled guilty because of they the people who are on here, seriously? He quit/resigned because of the fact that he was guilty of beating a inmate! I happen to know Mr. Richards and he is a drunk period! We have all called him mush mouth because of that and the fact that he has nubs for teeth, now maybe you would like to call him another name? Th evidence has leaned to the fact that he was beaten, and an injury was the result, and the cctv film will prove that, or disprove it, which ever the case may be, I for one, do not believe that whateer the circumstances were, did he need to be beaten by one lone pissed off police officer, and with that being said, why wasnt there another city officer called in to assist? HMMMMMM? Bullying exist on many levels in this country, and an Officer of the law DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ACT IN THIS WAY…PERIOD!!! You should be proud of yourself, tell me, what would you view be if this was you? your kid? or any other one of your family who was bitch whipped while in hand cuffs? I do believe you would be singing a MUCH different tune! I guarantee that!

      • Dan

        O honey, I’m not even from Perry and I am the farthest from a drunk you could get. But you were the one defending him. Kind of came back to bite you and gave us a chuckle or at least it did me. Maybe you should just stop talking and we would all leave you alone. Have a good night!

      • Tiger

        Your brother was a cop which has done wrong. He tried to deny what he did. And video recording’s of the incident indicate is lies. What else are people to think? And even now when cop’s are being more and more judged by what one bad seed, (such as that of your brother), has done wrong. It is those cop’s like him which all cop’s are being judged for. So now knowing this. And that your brother and you can not hide from the truth. What do you and your brother have to say to that, Sheila? I mean really. Think about it. A vidoe prooved he was in the wrong. No matter what, I believe your brother should be in prison for what he did to that gentleman. But I am guessing like all cop’s and families of cop’s, that you will be judging me as a drunk when I don’t drink. I am judging from what I see, and have seen so many other cop’s do. That yes, is in so much in the wrong. So let us all see what you believe, your lies as well, and judgement also. Let us all see what the behavior of cop’s who brake there own oath’s learn to lie and brake those oath’s from. I alway’s new it was the family up bringing of these cop’s that causes the problems we see in cop’s today. Quet sad really, one more question. Was your brother a bully or one to harrass other’s in high school? Maybe even prep’s growing up, which could not live without one little false statement or insult to other student’s that where different from you? LOL! I would ask any cop’s family which seem’s to be abolishing the oath they took by there action’s toward’s some one they beat durring an arrest the same question’s. So don’t feel your so lucky to being unique because your not. And the media makes that so obvous.

      • Mike

        He pleaded guilty because he committed a crime probably been doing sh hit like this for years and just never got caught

      • David allen

        A typical response from a police officers relative. If it wasn’t for police accountability the force would be worse than ever. He plead guilty. At least he owned up to the truth of the matter. And as far as his victim is concerned, you passed judgement on him just as your brother did, dehumanizing him by calling him a no good drunk, there for justifying the attack. Water does indeed seek it’s own level.

    • Sheila

      You people please visit Perry, 70% people there love him. He did very good job to keep up the town. Dont sit here talk trash

      • adam

        Where do you get 70%? Clearly, you cannot do math. There is not even 10% of the comments on here that support your scum bag brother.

      • james tufferd

        I bet your the type of person that go’s and tells her brother that such and such has done you wrong just so you can say my brother is a cop dont mess with me,huh?

    • Sheila

      I will never judge someone again with strictly just the information I get from the media.

      There are “bad” cops out there, BUT…. This is not 1 of those situations .
      You are not a judge or jury, and all I am saying is that you have no right to pass judgement on THIS situation . U can think anything u want , but to actually post things that you know nothing about.

      That is what I am trying to say.

    • Sheila

      I really hope none of u ever have to go thru anything like this. And by this I mean being reported in the news with not all of the truth .
      I wasn’t there , I do not know exactly what happened , but neither were any of u. All I can do is support my brother and my family and any of u would do the same thing .

      So I am a big enough person to admit that a few of the things I have said were out of line .

      • Sheree

        I am a person that had a family member punished for something that he didn’t do but Dallas County. There were no videos, which would be evidence and it was something that supposively happened 6 months prior to when the arrest was. But lets get on about your bother, there is not one person that lives in Perry that I have talked to that remotely likes your brother other than the other cops. He was caught on video doing this so how can he not be guilty? If it was just hearsay then it would be a little different, it is on video. From what I understand this isn’t the only thing that he has done either. What is the rumor about the 16 year old girl? I know it is a rumor but maybe she should come forward if she hasn’t already, just saying. I hope he does get sentenced for a few years or so and ends up in prison to see how it is like my person did for something he was accused of that actually didn’t happen.

  • Ethan Decamp

    Worthless pig. Should be shot…. Kinda like these guys 75 years ago, in Europe.. Pretty sure they were called GESTOPO. I don’t need to waste my time judging him… I’m sure the federal judge will “JUDGE” him plenty

  • William Denison

    A cop that beats a person in their care,control and custody is no different than a child abusing a family dog. I’m glad I don’t live close to Mr.Kuhn we would not get along .

  • GOP Lady

    Its all a lie. Police are trained not to beat people up. This is because of who we have in the Whitehouse.

  • Jerried

    Its about freaking time this lowlife goes down he thinks was better then everyone just bc he was a cop noone made him say he was guilty and anyone willing to stick up for dor him just as worthless as him

  • tomamor

    I happen to know Clint and a lot of what he’s done in his lifetime. I would’ve paid this officer to beat the little a$*#ole.

  • Sara

    It really doesnt matter what kind of a person Rick is or what kind of person Clint is. All you guys with your name calling are out of line. What matters is that the officer was wrong with how he handled himself and how he treated an inmate. That is what he is charged for. I’m just glad that charges are being filed against him. So much police brutality goes unacknowledged- be lucky you live in a small enough town where justice still exists.

    • William Denison

      The size of the town does not matter. I lived in a town of about 400 people and that town was the most corrupt town ever “Kellogg”. One city worker was being paid $60,000 a year. His brother was on city council at the time and voted for his brothers inflated wage.

  • bill

    Rick is a dick plain and simple. Its on video. However have always treated me with respect but how about the 16 yo girls at the graveyard

  • Corey

    He pled guilty to avoid a trial & jail time. Just watch, he will get probation & fines. He has treated people like they were disposable his whole life. And it has caught up to him. And now the Perry taxpayers will pay for his arrogance because the city will have to settle with the victim. But good luck with that new business venture Kuhn. Reputation is everything in being a business owner. And Sheila, you’re defense of your brother truly is only making it worse.

  • You know who I am

    Its funny how Mr. Kuhn can’t even man up and post something in his own defence rather his sister has to do it for him. He must really be a true coward.

  • Ron

    How does beating up a drunk while in a police station protect and service the City of Perry? How does this make the City of Perry a safer place to live and work? I don’t get it, Sheila. You aren’t making any sense with what you say, and you look foolish trying to defend his actions. The irony of this whole ordeal is the positions changed. Now you and your brother are the ones that are being beaten. How has it feel to be abused?

  • Harry Moyer

    My money is on probation and “anger management” classes.

    Hell, the head of Dare in Urbangdale, (Trindle), got busted with over two ounces of meth he stole from evidence lockers, (many cases were dismissed as a result); all the while driving around nekkid with a plug up in him, accompanied by a nasty hook-er. He got 5 years probation, a fine and some community service.

    Police rarely get justice served upon them.

  • jose sanchez

    para la comunidad latina de perry al fin se da justicia pero faltan mas oficiales que deven ser investigados el lla retirado jefe de policia de perry era el que solapaba todas las arbitriades de este oficial rick kunh asi que esperemos que de verdad se haga justicia y leden carcel a este hijo de su putamadre

  • Perry Citizen

    This man also assaulted my brother in law during a narcotics bust… He had a mask on and left his shoe print imprinted on his chest. That coward was wearing a mask and treated him like shit. Narcs found nothing but his false documents all because he wanted to work to give his family what they needed. Now that my brother in law has gone to court and received his work visa, thanks to this “county protector” we are glad he is getting what he deserves. It was hard to speak up because he was here illegally and seems like justice is never made just because of a green card. The judge was able to help him out because other officers saw how bad he stepped on him like if he was a piece of trash…. Karma does exist..

  • Matt Silbaugh

    I would stand beside Rick day after day through anything. Everyone has bad days at work, but when does the media come to your home, or job, or any area of your life and shove a camera into your face asking questions? LAW ENFORCMENT is the only field this is allowed. For guys that work all night through every holiday for a lot of people they love and a lot of people they don’t care for. That should by criminal code be Harassment, “to alarm, threaten and OR annoy”. Maybe they should shove in car cams into the homes of the reporter or defendants and put it on tv in front of there families for the mistakes in their careers… hmmmm. point made

    • Jeff 2

      Except when I have a bad day or make a mistake I don’t beat a helpless drunk. They don’t come to my job and shove a camera in my face because I don’t abuse my power that all the tax payers bestowed upon me. Plus when I make a mistake at work I dong break the law. He got a camera shoved in his face like many other criminals do! By the way you said defendants should have cameras shoved in their face. Rick Khan is the defendant in this case.

    • donald

      your comment made no sense what’s so ever. how about the next time you post a comment try and be a little more sober, or less high. the only thing that seems to matter is this pip excuse for a cop is no longer on the perry police force pushing his weight around . as for the drunk that got his butt kicked, he might needed it . but certainly not while hand cuffed in jail being booked. the drunk also needs to do his sentence as well. I don’t imagine his mouth and actions did not help him . still did not deserve getting beaten up . RICK STILL DESERVES GETTING THE BOOK THROWN AT HIM . max jail time, max fines, max probation.

    • Brent Busch

      Say what? I’m a low voltage tech and I’ve had media photograph and video me while I was working. I sure as hell didn’t assault anybody because I was having a bad day. That was just a stupid comment on your part.

  • Defender

    Sheila your brother is a good man who clearly made a mistake that he recognized enough himself to take the guilty plea. I know your brother. I know him well. I respected him and he did a lot for me as I got into the law enforcement field myself. He was not a dirty cop…he was no wheres near a scum bag as some of these people are saying. I want you to know my prayers are with you and your whole family as I know this is an incredibly difficult time. I know many local and county officers have his and your family’s back if needed. <3

  • Josh Bethune

    my my my real hero? What a loser. Hope he gets shipped to prison where the inmates can deal with his “powerful badge”. Bet there are a few he “falsified arrests on” that would like to meet him in there. Another thug behind the badge gone!! More to go!!!

  • Matt Silbaugh


    • Jeff 2

      You sound as hateful and ignorant as Shelia. In your statement you said defendants should have cameras stuck in their face which is exactly the case here.

  • Michael D.

    I’m sorry Sheila but you have to give up this crusade of your’s. The only way he was forced to plead guilty was because there was overwhelming evidence. A lawyer will fight everything if there is a battle but there was no battle here with video evidence proving he is guilty. I know he is your family and you know him to be different but power corrupts all. Police do evil things all the time. The sooner you give up and accept that this happened and that he is guilt…The easier it will be.

    • Jon

      Some of us already did and can’t disclose cause it was settled out of court. Considering the guilty plea people shouldn’t have to provide more evidence to this scum bags guilt. Video evidence has proven his guilt. Make fun of unemployed people all you want especially with all the unemployment you get getting laid off at Jon Deere.

  • The real Sheila

    Holy Cow…..
    I am just getting wind of this news story , but I guess I am
    Flattered someone is pretending to be me.
    You know from the previous article , I have nothing to hide.
    But just know the person posting under “Sheila” for this article
    IS NOT ME.
    I haven’t been on my phone or computer allday.
    I wondered why I had gotten a few Facebook messages and texts about thus situation now. I thought wow…. This is old news, why are people just hearing about it.
    I admit , on the original article last month , that was all me…
    But I can’t take credit for today’s comments .


  • the real Jeff 2

    That wasn’t me earlier you guys. I had to cash my welfare check to get my phone turned back on. Thanks to all you employed people.

  • ArriataloShiatz

    Shiela…yo baby,..why dont you quiet down with all that shoutin? huh? come on over here and talk to me baby. see you and me, we could make things happen..

    • the voices in Kuhns head

      *you’re for someone so superior you sure aren’t the brightest peanut in the turd are you?

    • Seriously?

      A real GOP man would not taWhile running for president, Reagan pledged that if given the chance, he would appoint a woman to the Supreme Court of the United States.[32] As President, Ronald Reagan opposed the Equal Rights Amendment because he felt that women were already protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, although as Governor of California Reagan had supported the amendment and offered to help women’s groups achieve its ratification.[33] Reagan pulled his support for the ERA shortly before announcing his 1976 candidacy for President; the 1976 Republican National Convention renewed the party’s support for the amendment but in 1980 the party qualified its 40-year support for ERA. Despite opposing the ERA, Reagan did not actively work against the amendment, which his daughter Maureen (who advised her father on various issues including women’s rights) and most prominent Republicans supported.
      Reagan established a “Fifty States Project” and councils and commissions on women designed to find existing statutes at the federal and state levels and eradicate them, the latter through a liaison with the various state governors. Elizabeth Dole, a Republican feminist and former Federal Trade Commissioner and advisor to Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford (who would go on to become Reagan’s Transportation Secretary) headed up his women’s rights that way. You are not a real man. I miss the real men of the GOP.

    • Seriously?

      A coward makes posts like that under the name of the GOP? My guess is, if you were in the same room with anyone notable in the party. They would distance themselves from you in a hurry. Curious as to what you do for a living.

  • Not a Fan, but love the Karma

    Rick Kuhn was a ‘Dick’ Paramedic prior to being a Perry Cop, Always treated the First Responders and EMT’s in Dallas county like we were way below his ‘God’ level. His patient care was good, but he even treated patients poorly. Yep Rick has always taken his Authority way to far.

  • Jason

    This was the night of Clint’s 3rd public intoxication ticket in 1 month. That doesn’t excuse Rick’s treatment of him but Clint probably said something smartass to tick Rick off. If it weren’t for the medics testimony, it would have been Rick’s word against Clint’s and we all know that no one would have believed Clint in that case. I live in Perry and haven’t had any problems with Rick or any of the other police but I hear a lot of bad things secondhand. It’s sad to see Perry making the news for something like this because it’s a really nice little town with a lot of nice people there. I guess we’ll see what happens to Rick at sentencing.

  • Duane Weimerkirch

    We all know what COPS stands for…..CROOKS ON PUBLIC SUBSIDIES……the constitution protects against cruel and unusual punishment…this cop clearly violates everything about that.

  • Mr . obvious

    I live in Haslett. And have several family mrmbers in the perry/morris area. And from what I can tell this man is only being faulted for leaving evidence. Surprised he didn’t try to use the old “stop resisting” defense .

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