Police Say Father Bit Infant Son’s Nose Off


A California man was charged Thursday after police say he bit off part of his infant son’s nose when the boy wouldn’t stop crying.

Police responded to a home in Fairfield after they received a hysterical call from a woman who said her 1-month-old son was bleeding profusely from his nose.

The baby was taken to the hospital where doctors said infant’s nose had been severed and the child had suffered possible head trauma.

Doctors said a third of the child’s nose had been severed off. The child is in stable condition.

The infant’s 17-year-old mother, 18-year-old father and other family members were present at the time of the incident.

The investigation determined that the infant’s father had bitten the child’s nose off out of frustration and crying from the baby.

The father, Joshua Cooper, 18, was arrested and charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

Source: KTXL Fox 40

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