SKIN IRRITANT: Chlorine Levels High In DM Water

Has your shower been smelling like a swimming pool?

For the last month, Des Moines Water Works has been treating its water with a historically high amount of chlorine.

The amount of chlorine used to treat the water is double crews have had use to treat water in the last two decades.

Des Moines Water Works Operation manger, Ted Corrigan, called it an inconvenience for those who have to endure the smelly water.

Not only is the water unpleasant to taste but some say the chlorine levels are irritating their skin.

“We thought it was hives at first. We thought we were allergic to our water,” says Des Moines resident, Heather Fox.

She claims the water left behind a red, bumpy rash on her and her children.

“I feared taking baths everyday so we spaced them out every two days.”

Dermatologists say it doesn’t take long for symptoms of irritated skin to surface. After a long dry winter, Dr. Joshua Wilson, says the skin already lacks moisture. Add a chemical, like chlorine, that dries out your skin and irritation is likely to happen.

“Daily exposure for a number of days in a row or for however long this lasts for could cause more severe rashes,” says Wilson.

Wilson advises people to avoid hot long showers and to stay away from excessive hand washing.

Des Moines Water Works say the water is safe to drink. Crews hope to have the problem solved in one to two weeks.


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