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WAREHOUSE FIRE: Clean-Up Plans In The Works

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An eyesore on Des Moines’ east side could soon be getting cleaned up.

Last August, a huge arson fire burned an abandoned warehouse on Scott Street near the Southeast 14th Bridge over the railroad tracks. The abandoned building held construction debris.

Now the Iowa DNR has come up with a plan to help clean up the site.

That’s good news for neighbors. A homeowner near the building tells us a lot of dust from the site still blows around and she’s glad to see it go.

The project is expected to cost just under half a million dollars. The city of Des Moines would have to pay around $200,000 of that.

“We have a couple different funding sources…one is to really get material that has no other use and get it to the landfill, and we’re also trying to find out if there’s anything in there that we can recycle, such as metal, the exterior of the building was all metal,” says Alex Moon, DNR Land Quality Bureau Chief.

The proposed project will be taken up at next week’s Environmental Protection Commission meeting then the city of Des Moines would have to agree to participate.