MININUM WAGE: Bill Fails To Make It Through

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It's been one of the most talked about political issues across the country; raising the minimum wage, but the effort appears dead at the Iowa Statehouse for the year.

Adam Young started at the bottom, working as kitchen staff at Leaning Tower of Pizza in Ankeny.

Now Young looks forward to one thing as a manager, “The pay check,” he laughs.

Novice pizza makers make $7.25 and have the chance to eventually make more. Right now, the lower wages allows young to keep a full staff and keep pizza prices low. For that reason, young is glad the nearly 3 dollar increase won't make it any further in the legislation process.

“My personal thought it that it would be a bad thing on the economy itself because it`s a lot to have to pay every employee that much.”

Senator Jack Hatch thought the increase would be worth it.

“We see this not only as an opportunity to raise wages bur also an opportunity for people to be less dependent on government services.”

Hatch says republicans have never supported minimum wage. Although, democrats have the majority in the Senate, they could have passed the higher wage without any republicans. Democrats failed to do so.

“We’re disappointed we could not get enough republicans to bring this out to have a fair debate on it.”

In his race for Governor, Hatch says he'll keep the topic of debate alive. Until then, managers, like Young, say the minimum wage should stay where it is.

“It’s an entrance job, if you want to go higher you can either work hard to get there or go to school and become something else,” says Young.

The Governor's office did not comment on the bill. Instead they said they are more focused on bringing more jobs to the state.


  • William Denison

    I support an increase in the minimum wage. Because of that I will now not give Leaning Tower of Pizza my business anymore.

  • Trevor

    He wouldn’t feel that way if he was trying to live on 7.25 per hour. Nobody will be able to afford to eat out. And I like Williams idea don’t support that place. Also whoever voted no for the wage increase should have to live off 7.25 per hour until they vote again and pass it. This isn’t right people work hard and can’t get anywhere. And crap keeps going up. So come on people get your head out of your rear end.

  • Coffee Pot

    The Democrats could have passed this by themselves and they didn’t. That should tell you something.
    And don’t forget, there goes the food stamps and free health care. Do you support that?
    There is such a thing as tips you know.

  • Troy V

    raising the minimum wage is short sighted at best and idiodic at worst.

    By raising the minimum wage all that happens is the cost of goods and services increases to offset the wage increase.

    In turn, the non-minimum wage earners DO NOT get the same bump in pay over the time period and in reality it moves MORE PEOPLE toward the poverty line.

    Minimum wage jobs were and should return to being ENTRY LEVEL jobs. You take those jobs to learn how to work and then look for a better job that pays more $$. The issue is that people are too “lazy” to go look for another job or they refuse to work a shift they don’t like.

    They can work a day shift at a minimum wage job but will turn down a job paying double because they may have to work 4PM – midnight or Midnight-8 AM shift instead.


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