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BUGGING ANDY: ISU Coach Fred Hoiberg

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Iowa State Cyclones fans have yet another reason to like Fred Hoiberg. But is he too perfect?


  • Pat Prentis

    What’s wrong in being a perfectly nice guy, having a great looking family, a Big Twelve Championship Team and #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament? The State of Iowa and ISU are so fortunate to have such a great example for all athletes, not just the round ball!
    I’ve agreed with ‘What’s Bugin’ Andy?’ most of the time, but this time, he did a great injustice to The Mayor by attempting to present his praise of Fred Hoiberg in the format of his ‘Bugin’ format. At least, I’m hoping it was a ‘tongue-in cheek’ presentation. In any case, it’s a bomb…. stick to finding things to actually gripe about. Leave our heroes alone!

    • Mark

      Andy couldn’t have laid the sarcasm on any heavier; it’s a shame that you are a portion of Soundoff’s audience because this joke was far too easy to get and yet you couldn’t understand it. Andy and Keith deserve better.

      • Pat Prentis

        Oh, my dear Mark, I understood the sarcasm loud and clear. It all seemed so inappropriate at this time just after the coach’s and the team’s great accomplishments this year. Andy does sarcasm well in most instances. This just was not one of those instances. An attempt at being funny and picking on the Mayor may have seemed funny to those of you who were celebrating at your local pub, but here in my living room I found it down right dumb and crude. I think it is you who did not understand what I originally said.

  • Fran McCaffery

    Andy, you better say my wife is hot too. I’m starting to get MAD. You won’t like me when I’m MAD Andy. Dangit Speraw, were going to Des Moines right now to find this Fails fella and bash him with a chair. Today’s practice is cancelled!

  • Jim Mazoway

    Two schools have lifetime coaches. Syracuse and Duke. The mayor will be the third. He’ll be hard to replace in 30 years.

    • Josh

      Hoiberg will be gone the minute he gets a better offer. Comparing him with Boeheim and Krzyzywski, who both have won multiple National Championships, is totally ridiculous. He’s not going to win one in Ames so if he really wants a title, he’ll leave for greener pastures.

      • Spencer Ver Meer

        But the thing is, he has proven he can coach now. Coach K started Duke from the ground up, and he took the attitude that I’m not doing this job to move to some other marquee university. This is the marquee university.once I am done with it. And Fred can do the same at ISU. The thing Fred has? The pedigree. He’s from the NBA, he has lived the life many of these players want, he has the NAME. Before 1983, no one knew who Coach K was. They do now, of course. But Hoiberg is a NAME. And now he has proven he can coach. He now has an advantage over most of the colleges out there. I don’t think Hoiberg wants to leave Ames. It’s in his blood. And he can put this school into the upper echelon of basketball schools. If he manages to pull off a final four this year-not likely, but possible-that will be the start of something huge. I did not attend Iowa State, I didn’t attend Iowa. For the record, when the two play each other I root for Iowa. I don’t hate Iowa State in the least bit. Anything that brings recognition to our great state I am all for. And right now, Hoiberg is the best we got.

      • Mitch Cumsteen

        wishful thinking Josh. Hoiberg is in his dream job in Ames, and has his whole family + in-laws around , along for the ride. He has already turned down an NBA offer and will stay in Ames indefinitely because he has a young family.

        Good luck with Fran. I see another 20-win season next year and another bubble situation. Not bad….

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