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SECRET SETTLEMENTS: Governor’s Administration Claims No Knowledge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds maintained that she, Governor Terry Branstad and their staffs only found out within the past week that taxpayers gave nearly $300,000 in previously secret settlements funded by tax dollars after six employees were terminated.

The Des Moines Register uncovered the payments. Some employees told the newspaper that they lost their jobs because they were Democrats, a charge the Branstad administration denies, as not all involved employees were Democrats. A confidentiality clause prevented them from disclosing specifics of their settlements or reasons for termination.

Reynolds said the administration will put together a "group" to look into the claims but didn't offer a timeline or provide who would make up that group. Reynolds said, "We found it troubling when we learned about the confidentiality clause. We intend to put together a group that will perform a comprehensive review of the process."

Reynolds didn't offer a timeline or provide who would make up that group.

Reynolds said the administration gives department heads directions to look for ways to form a learner government and it doesn't "micromanage." The staff reductions in the state departments of administrative services and public health are supposed to save more than $700,000 a year.

Senator Jack Hatch, a Des Moines Democrat and Branstad gubernatorial challenger, said in a statement, “For Governor Branstad’s office to claim the Governor had no idea about these secret payouts insults the intelligence of Iowans."

Branstad was away from the statehouse on a planned family vacation.


  • Matthew

    Vote Branstad out people! He has his own agenda and loves to appoint his cronies to the “good ‘ol boys club”. For him to not know about this shows that he doesn’t have a grip on what is happening right under his nose.

  • JPenny

    How could they not know? And if they truly did not know, that alone is reason enough to question the wisdom of Branstad and Reynolds. It’s time we got some new leaders in the governor’s office.

  • Maggie

    So sick of their lies R they dummies? They never know anything that is going on, sure don’t see them as intelligent. We need them OUT before they do anymore damage to the state of IOWA…

    • Jeanette

      Yeah if the Dems would ever do the same thing they should be voted out of office. It’s called integrity, if you have not heard of it.

      • Jake

        No, it is called a better government. Why have people work with you that don’t agree with you, and make it difficult to better the state the way you see it. GET A CLUE JEANETTE! The people of Iowa wanted the
        change. That’s why they changed it!

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