TELEMED ABORTIONS: Senator’s Claim ‘Offensive’

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Nine Iowa Senate Republicans made a late session push to ban a controversial abortion procedure. They can't accomplish that without Democratic help. And Monday senate Democratic leaders say they won't get that help.

Comments from one senator riled up another. It began when the Republicans held a news conference talking of the dangers of telemedicine abortions, a procedure where a doctor can videoconference with a patient in another location, and supervise a pregnant woman as she takes abortion-inducing drugs. Republicans say the procedure can be dangerous since the doctor is not physically in the room with the patient and that in some rare cases, five reported cases nationwide and none in Iowa, a woman can die from complications. They offered a stack of papers, which they said contained 30,000 signatures from Iowans who want the procedure banned.

Senator Joe Bolkcom, an Iowa City Democrat and abortion rights supporter, sent out a statement that said in part, “I’m disappointed Iowa Republicans have launched a new front in the national so-called ‘war on women’ by opposing affordable, safe access to health care for rural Iowans. Mixing politics and medical care is a mistake. There is no reason for Republican politicians to be in the room when women and their doctors make important, personal medical decisions."

Senator Amy Sinclair, an Allerton Republican, upon hearing Bolkcom's comments, responded, "I can't tell you how offensive I find that statement personally...trying to protect the life and well-being through banning a procedure that doesn't even meet a humane standard of care is a war on women? Seriously? Honestly, that statement doesn't event deserve an intelligent response."


  • Verla Neifert

    I’m a rural Iowa woman and if I want medical care, I have a car… I can get to town. So don’t say that this new plan is to help “rural Iowans”. What about the rest of my medical needs? Can I call a Dr. and get any meds I want without an exam? I doubt it. By the way, abortion isn’t a war on women, it’s a war on children.

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