ALZHEIMER’S STUDY: Women Most Impacted By The Disease

According to a new report out Wednesday from the Alzheimer's Association, women make up 70-percent of caregivers to those suffering from the disease.

Women are also two and a half times more likely to be providing "on duty," around the clock care for someone living with Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately women also represent the majority of people with the disease with a one in six chance of developing Alzheimer’s, compared to one out of 11 men.

Dr. Maria Carrillo says while women bear the brunt of the disease, the state also ranks poorly for the proportion of Iowans affected.

“Unsurprisingly it’s high because of our higher ratio of people aged 65 and older,” Dr. Carrillo told Channel 13. “Iowa has the third highest death rate from Alzheimer’s disease of any state in the country.”

To find out more about the report and Alzheimer’s, click here.

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