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ETHANOL STANDARD: Sen. Cruz Against Mandate

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A potential presidential candidate visited Iowa Tuesday and says he does not support the renewable fuels standard.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz spoke to more than 500 people at the downtown Marriott Tuesday afternoon.

He says he's not against ethanol, he's only against forcing you to use a certain amount of it when you fill up the tank.

“I represent the state of Texas. Texas is a huge agricultural state. Farming and ranching are critical to the state of Texas. I think biofuels are every important but I don't think they need to be mandated,” Sen Cruz said. “We will see the market for biofuels market grow based on technology, based on demand, without the federal government setting an artificial mandate.”

Many Iowa politicians are in favor of the standard including the Iowa House and Senate and Governor Branstad.

After Cruz's stop in Des Moines, he went to Mason City.


  • Bart

    Cruz is right, corruption begins in Iowa via political extortion, bribery & force.
    it’s called “corn-ethanol” mandates:
    1. mandates inflation
    2. mandates deforestation
    3. mandates high food costs
    4. mandates starvation
    5. mandates the golf “dead zone”
    6. mandates water pollution via excess chemical applications
    7. mandates more fuel consumption via less MPG’s
    8. mandates wealth distribution
    9. mandates soil erosion
    10. mandates excess H20 usage

    • Landyn

      Bart, you couldn’t be more wrong. crops will be planted with or without ethanol. oil companies make huge profits every quarter. most ethanol plants lost money last year, which is why several plants cut production. Oil company subsidies dwarf anything boifuels receive, and we pay our military to protect the oil lanes in the mideast and that’s not even considered one of their many subsidies. oil companies have polluted the air, ground water, many rivers along with every ocean on the planet. they are loaded with carcinogens that cause cancer, so keep feeding these fumes to your children not mine.

  • paul

    More wellfare for the farmers and the tax payers keep paying. The ethanol co’s made record profits last year and the taxpayers keep on heping them. What country!!!

  • Vic Tomek

    Senator Cruz is wrong, corruption starts in Texas with bribery of politicans from the oil companies.
    1. How many ethanol companies do you see have large spills that effect the enviroment? none
    2. Oil companies still get subsidies even though they have been profitable every quarter. Do they need anymore money? really!
    3. The cost for fuel is the main reason for higher food cost. Has anybody seen the price for diesel?
    4. Has anybody seen what fossel fuels have done to China? Do you think Americans want to end up like that country, not being able to go outside. Its a good thing we have agencies that control air pollution!
    5. If oil comapines get money from the goverment why shouldn’t the farmers who grow food to feed the people?
    6. The water that oil companies are using for fracking is not a problem?
    7. Oil has caused more problems then ethanol; spills, pollution and sending American troops to foreign land to put their live at risk for this
    dirty fuel.

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