CRIME SPREE: Mother Blames Son’s Actions On Prescription Addiction

A Des Moines man is facing charges after he was caught on surveillance video this month breaking into an ATM. But his mother says there’s more to the story.

The video shows Taylor Macmanus-Sellers trying to break into a bank ATM. But his mother says that’s not the Taylor she knows.

Cynthia Wagner says her son hurt his back at work a few years ago, was prescribed pain medication, and quickly became addicted. She says that’s what led to his crimes.

“The first thing I thought was can you see the desperation in his face? And I’m looking at him and it doesn’t even look like him. The sunken in face,” Wagner says of the video.
“The desperation. The loneliness seen in him. It’s not something you ever want to see in your son, you know?”

Wagner says her son doesn’t belong in prison, he belongs in rehab.

If convicted, Macmanus-Sellers faces up to 25-years in prison.


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