PLAY-IN GAME: Iowa’s 8 Year Wait Ends

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The Iowa Hawkeyes end their eight-year NCAA tournament drought Wednesday evening in a play-in game.

The players are already in Dayton, OH for practice.

The Hawks probably imagined a better seed in late January but the free fall from the top 10 lands the Hawks in the first four.

“The coach has done a great job of getting us prepared for Tennessee and we’ve put the season behind us, obviously,” says Gabe Olaseni. “It didn’t end the way we wanted it to end but we’ve had a pretty good year. We’ve had our ups and our downs like any other team but we’re ready for the challenge ahead and we’re excited.”

Fans are now wondering which Hawkeye team they will see when Iowa takes on Tennessee at 8 p.m.

The late tip off will allow Coach McCaffrey to be with his son Wednesday morning.

Patrick McCaffery, 13, will have surgery to remove a thyroid tumor.

Fran will take a private flight to Iowa City and back to make the surgery and the team’s pre-game.