SEBRING SAGA: Lawsuit Gets The Go-Ahead

nancy sebring

Des Moines School District’s request that a lawsuit filed by former superintendent Nancy Sebring be dismissed has been denied.

The judge’s ruling means sexually explicit emails sent and received sent from Sebring’s school computer using her district email account should have remained confidential.

Sebring resigned her position as superintendent in May of 2012 after an open records request revealed the content of the emails.

Sebring is suing, claiming the emails released were of a personal nature and the district didn’t have to release the emails as part of the open records request but did so anyway.

“We are delighted with the court’s ruling, which denies the district’s motion and permits Dr. Sebring to proceed to trial,” attorney David Goldman said. “The court found that she has enough evidence that it is possible for her to win on each of her claims and she has the right to have her day in court and present her case for decision by a jury.”

That day in court is set for early November.

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