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OMELET BREAKFAST: Boone Tradition Raises Money

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There is a long tradition in Boone that has lasted over 20 years and that is the omelet breakfast.

Each spring before planting and in fall after the harvest, Boone residents gather at the fairgrounds for an omelet breakfast.  For six bucks you get a huge omelet packed with bacon ham and sausage and your coffee or juice.

It’s a great time for people to get together but it’s also to raise some money.

“It’s one of the few functions that brings people together,” Kurt Phillips from the Boone Chamber of Commerce.  “We bring in some of the celebrities from around the county to cook them up, then we raise a lot of money for scholarships.”

The funds go for agricultural scholarships for FFA and 4-H.

The breakfast proved so popular this year they served for three hours instead of two.