OUTSIDE LEARNING: Urbandale Students Join Forces With Bridgestone


Urbandale students got a chance to get some real-world learning outside the classroom this week when they joined forces with work teams at Bridgestone Tire in Des Moines.

The class for gifted students worked through the Iowa Quality Center to solve a work flow problem.

They presented their ideas to the Bridgestone team. In one case, it was determined a machine was in the wrong place to do its task effectively.

The students learned methods of problem solving as a team.

“Problem solving can be broken down into small simple steps. The most daunting issues can just be broken down,” Urbandale High School student Liz Barikor said.

Teacher, Dawn Wendt says experiences like these are important for the students.

“I believe that they have planted seeds for this group of students,” Wendt said. “They were quite excited to understand that the skills they were learning at this time are valuable in the work environment.”

The students add that what they learned at Bridgestone will help them become better students in the classroom.

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