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BARN DESTROYED: Overnight Fire Kills 350 Pigs

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A barn in northwest Iowa collapsed overnight killing around 350 pigs.

The incident happened in Oyens in Plymouth County around 2 a.m.

The owner was alerted when an alarm system indicated the barn was too hot.

The two story barn was fully engulfed when the fire crews arrived on the scene. Firefighters tried to save the 70-year-old barn but the fire was too far along.

After two hours the barn collapsed killing the 350 feeder pigs inside. They’re valued at around $17,500.

Crews were on the scene for more than five hours.


  • Pam REes

    That’s the problem with keeping so many animals in confinement facilities. It’s cruel and when something like this happens, it is horrific and makes me sick to my stomach.

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