STATE PANEL: Bisignano Can Run Despite OWI Convictions

chiodo bisignano

A State Panel has unanimously concluded that Tony Bisignano is eligible to vote and is able to run for State Senate.

His opponent Ned Chiodo had challenged his eligibility due to OWI convictions.

The panel consisting of State Auditor Mary Moisman, Secretary of State Matt Schultz, and Attorney General Tom Miller each took time this week to review the complex legal case.

Attorney General Miller said he and his staff spent much time discussing this but in the end it comes down to weighing in on protecting the rights of voters. Miller said the implications in this ruling extend well beyond this case to thousands of Iowans.

“The statutory result is that Mr Bisignano can continue to be a candidate and it wouldn’t be over turned on constitutional grounds,” Miller said.

Ned Chiodo’s says he expects this to be challenged in court.

“Obviously we disagree with the decision, I think the panel’s explanation reflects that there is some uncertainty in the law so we intend to seek an appeal to the district court and ultimately if necessary to the Iowa Supreme Court,” Chiodo’s attorney, Gary Dickey said.

In a statement Bisignano said he is looking forward to focusing on the real issues in his campaign for the Senate District 17 seat.

The deadline to print ballots for the election is mid-April.


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