WIN RECORD: Cyclones Not Taking NC Central Threat Lightly

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The Cyclones took the court in San Antonio Thursday night. But not to play, just to practice.

The feeling from the Big 12 title win is still there says coach, Fred Hoiberg, “How much fun it was to be up on that ladder with confetti falling on your head in Kansas City but that’s a warm-up compared to what we’re going into now.”

The Cyclones now hope to keep the momentum moving.

Georges Niang says the team is gelling and “playing really well.”

Their opponents, NC Central, have a good record and are playing well having won 20 in a row. ISU say they’re not taking the threat lightly.

“We’ve got to be 100 percent focused, play our game and play like we’ve been playing all year and we’ll be fine,” says DeAndre Kane.

Iowa State and NC Central tip at nearly 9 p.m. Friday night.