MOLD PROBLEM: Family Say It’s Making Them Sick

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Joel Higgins says it took time for his family to figure out why they felt sick all winter. “We started getting into stuff. We couldn`t get anyone in here so we just started chiseling into stuff you know we found the mold in the kitchen,” said Higgins.

The more Higgins chiseled the more mold he found. Higgins says he contacted his landlord immediately after discovering the mold. “You know once we started getting into the mold talks with them it was like they kind of started blowing us off,” said Higgins.

Higgins says the owners Hedrick Properties have been blowing him off for the last three months, even after a city inspector filed 11 violations against the owners and ordered them to “address the mold issue.” “When the city inspector came in he also did a check in the attic part and it was all full of moisture and it was so smelly in there,” Higgins said.

Higgins says he can live with the smell. His biggest concern is his family’s health. Tests confirmed he and his wife are allergic to mold and his son now has asthma. “Just to see him have a rescue inhaler when he was a perfectly healthy kid that`s probably the hardest thing to do now,” said Higgins.

The Higgins tried removing the mold on their own, but had trouble breathing and had to stop. They say they can’t wait any longer. “We’re going to move anyway to a better home and one that we can all breath in,” said Higgins.

But moving day is still weeks away. “We`re still breathing this and we can`t go anywhere,” said Higgins.

Channel 13 reached out to Hedrick Properties earlier this week and again today. They did not return our calls.


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