HOT SPOT: Cyclone Bar Enjoying Tourney Run

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Four years ago, The Keg Stand in West Des Moines opened with an Iowa State flag out front.

“It started really small. The owners are ISU alums,” said Lindsey Brady, a manager.

Nowadays, the only time the crowd is small on a Cyclones game day is before the bar opens.

After pairing up with the editors of a popular Iowa State fan website, the bar quickly gained a reputation for being Cyclone fan friendly.

Seats, especially during an Iowa State tournament run are now usually only available to those willing to come early.

“We usually get here about two hours before game time,” said Melissa Breman, a Cyclones fan.

“This place gets packed and it gets loud. It’s a riot to watch a game here,” said Steve Breman.

Like many Cyclones fans, Steve and Melissa Breman have become regulars at The Keg Stand.

“During the games we hear Sweet Caroline and have Cyclone power going,” said Melissa Breman.

Of course, the cheers and chants correlate with the success of team.

Managers say business follows the same pattern.

“Any time like a tournament is always going to boost our business,” said Brady.

It may sound risky to primarily cater to one fan base in a state with four major schools, but for The Keg Stand, it’s a business model that works.

As long as the Cyclones tournament run lasts, you can bet business will be booming.

“I think us being an Iowa State bar helps us. I think we kind of started that,” said Brady.

Sunday, the bar opened at noon about four hours ahead of tip-off with some fans filing in right away.


  • William Denison

    MMmmm one would think a abusive drinking game “Keg Stand” be the name of a bar in a college town and that it would just invite trouble and yet no one there ever abuses or misuses the drug of their choice and they have a great business and folks are having fun and most importently they are spending money.More power to them. Now when do the rest of Iowans who want to use cannabis have such freedoms and good times?

  • William Denison

    I was not hiding in the dumpster. Your mother and I was only in there looking for alittle privacy.Leave me alone I may become family.

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